TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible
TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible
TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible
TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible
TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible

TFL Enduro Tire - Onewheel GT Compatible


Onewheel GT™

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Important Note:

Make sure to select the appropriate Onewheel™ model.

If you own a Onewheel GT, select the Onewheel GT model, which has dimensions of 11.5 x 6.5-6.5.

If you have an Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, or Original Onewheel, choose the Onewheel+ XR option to guarantee compatibility. The dimensions for this model are 11.5 x 6.5-6.

For Onewheel Pint or Onewheel Pint X, select the Onewheel Pint & Pint X model, which has dimensions of 11 x 5.0-6.

The TFL Enduro Tire is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel GT, Onewheel Pint X, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel+, and original Onewheel, but only if the correct model is selected as outlined above.

Compatible with:

  • Onewheel GT

The Innovative Tread:

After a year of hard work and numerous prototypes, The Float Life has finally created the ultimate hybrid tire. The Enduro has been developed with all the lessons the community has learned about what makes an ideal tire over the last six years. The tire features a unique, directional tread design with siping patches that provide a smooth, quiet ride on the road, while the full wrap sidewall tread pattern enhances off-road stability and traction through turns. The tire's progressive sidewall hardness and shoulder shaping increase edge contact for a stable ride with minimal speed wobbles.

Material Composition:

The Enduro is made with a semi-soft, custom hardness compound that offers a comfortable and smooth ride with minimal off-road vibration and road noise.

Tire Protection and Extras:

For optimal protection against flats, we recommend using tire sealant when installing your new TFL Enduro Tire. Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant is a great choice.

Experience effortless tire mounting with Bead Buddy, a USA-made lubricant gel from Armor-Dilloz. This rubber-safe, clear gel is thick and slick, making tire swapping a breeze. Bead Buddy reduces the pressure needed to seat the bead, minimizing tire damage during the process. Ideal for 5 or more tires, varies with the amount used.

Upgrade your Onewheel™ valve stem with this 90° nickel-plated metal valve stem! It's a more durable alternative to the stock rubber valve stem and allows for easy access to adjust your PSI. The adjustable base features a locking nut to easily fix slow leaks with a simple wrench turn. Not only does it provide improved function, but it also looks great!


Got a new tire but don't know how to install it?
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If you prefer to do it yourself, we've got a helpful video tutorial ready for you.

But be aware, changing your tire is at your own risk. One Stop Board Shop is not responsible for any damages or issues that may arise during self-installation.

Not sure if this is the right tire for you?

Here is an informative video so you can find what works best for your ride style.

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This package includes:

1 - TFL Enduro Tire
1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack

More Info:

The search for the perfect tire is over with the TFL Enduro Tire. This Onewheel+ XR compatible tire is the ideal blend of stability, grip, and carvability for your off-road and on-road adventures.

This tire is designed for 6" hubs only and features a custom durometer for a smooth ride, reducing off-road chatter and road noise. Its proprietary directional tread design provides a quiet ride on the street, while a full wrap sidewall tread pattern enhances off-road edge hold and grip. With a progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping, you'll experience unparalleled edge hold, reduced speed wobbles, and
increased grip when digging deep into carves.

  • A hybrid tire designed for both off-road and on-road use.
  • Semi-soft custom durometer for a smooth ride and reduced road noise.
  • Proprietary directional tread design for a quiet street ride.
  • Full wrap sidewall tread pattern for enhanced off-road grip.
  • Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping for increased edge hold and reduced speed wobbles.

With the TFL Enduro Tire, you'll experience the best of both worlds - stability, grip, and carvability, no matter where your adventures take you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Enduro tire

Great tire , only got 743 miles on the first one and it separated. Still trying to get it replaced under warrenty

Bruce DeDona
Enduro Tire

Great tire. Much better than the factory tires.

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