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The Garage; Where It All Started. - Brian was a longboarder, skiier and snowboarder, turned PEV rider. His buddy, Matt, told him about this awesome new board called a Onewheel, and after riding it the first time, ordered one immediately.

He grew fascinated with all the different personal electric vehicles. The more he dove into the space, the more knowledgable he became. Getting involved with a community of riders, he discovered that people had no where to go fix their boards. With the support of his buddy, Sonny, this was the catalyst to starting his first PEV repair shop. He heard the needs of his local community of riders and, in 2019, opened shop in his garage. Brian knew that this was just the beginning, and that he might have discovered something special in the making.

The First Offical OSBS Store Was Born. - One Stop Board Shop opened its doors to its first physical retail location in August of 2022 in Martinsville, NJ. Brian grew and expanded the business to the point where it was just not enough space to continue to meet the needs of the community, locally or nationally. Demand increased exponentially, and OSBS needed a bigger space. It was time to look for a new home for OSBS.

The New Home of OSBS. - OSBS moved to its new HQ in Somerville, NJ! With the new facility, OSBS was able to build out an incredible new repair center, warehouse, and storefront, a place where the OSBS team could truly support the PEV community. The new and improved OSBS officially became your family owned premier shop for all things Onewheel™, e-skate and everything PEV with accessories and parts, service and upgrades, boards, and more!

OSBS is a retailer for some of the most popular PEV companies in the industry. In addition to retail, OSBS partnered with some high tech brands to become one of the largest service centers in the country.

What's Next? One Stop Board Shop is growing and expanding constantly to best support the PEV community! In 2024, OSBS will dive deep into the world of VESC! Let's Go!!!

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