Phaze Remote for Evolve Hadean, GTR, and Stoke
Phaze Remote for Evolve Hadean, GTR, and Stoke

Phaze Remote for Evolve Hadean, GTR, and Stoke


Evolve Hadean / GTR / Stoke

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Important Note:

Some features are not available with the GTR / Stoke Series 1, such as temperature readings, battery data, warnings, ride tracking and LED light control. Not sure what remote is compatible with your board? Click here.


  • Evolve Hadean 
  • Evolve GTR
  • Evolve Stoke

Phaze Remote:

The PHAZE remote has been designed to handle the toughest riding conditions as requested by the community!

CNC Aluminium Frame - We vigorously tested the remote ourselves in-line with military spec standards. The CNC aluminum frame provides strength and durability.

Menu Navigation - Double tap the power button to enter the menu, tap it to enter into a setting, then double tap the deadman to go back.

My Board - Check your board temperatures, battery data, product info and warnings.

Rides - Check your recent & all time rides.

Light Settings - Change the board colors here!

Automated Trigger Reset - Follow the prompts in the remote for an easy reset. The remote will also prompt you when it needs resetting.

Sleep Mode - Both the remote and board will sleep after a several minutes without input. Simply hold the brake trigger down to wake up the remote and board. 

This package includes:

1 - Phaze Remote

1 - Remote Case

1 - Wrist Strap

1 - USB-C Charging Cable

1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Okay, to start off, i have to say ive never ordered something online before and received it in the mail as fast as i got this remote! It was like two days and ironically it traveled from Somerville, NJ, which is where i grew up and lived my entire childhood into my 20's, to where i live now in anchorage, alaska! Thats great customer service. Thank you guys!

    Now onto my problem...
    So i got the remote to pair with my board, it paired correctly because the red light comes on when i brake, etc. but it will not accelerate. The remote says safe but ive tried everything to get it out of safe mode but have had no luck. Please help!

    -Tim Kost

    Koen Bert Jr
    Phaze remote

    Thank you for the exellent service!

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