Onewheel+ XR Hoosier Treaded 5.5 Tire
Onewheel+ XR Hoosier Treaded 5.5 Tire
Onewheel+ XR Hoosier Treaded 5.5 Tire

Hoosier 5.5 Treaded Tire - Onewheel+ XR Compatible


Onewheel+ XR / Onewheel+ / Onewheel V1

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The Hoosier 5.5 Treaded Tire:

Experience the cutting-edge performance of the Hoosier 5.5 Treaded Tire, meticulously engineered to redefine your Onewheel+ XR riding experience with its innovative design and versatile capabilities across various terrains. Crafted to perfection, this tire features an optimized tread pattern that ensures a balanced grip, providing enhanced traction for exhilarating carving adventures at any speed. Whether navigating urban streets or conquering off-road trails, the Hoosier 5.5 Treaded Tire delivers unparalleled stability and control, empowering riders to push their boundaries with confidence.

At the heart of its design lies the tire's "round" width construction, meticulously crafted to facilitate more progressive and aggressive heel-toe carving maneuvers. This unique design element not only enhances agility but also promotes fluidity in riding, allowing riders to tackle corners with precision and finesse. Furthermore, the tire's tread pattern is strategically engineered to maximize grip, enabling riders to confidently explore new terrain and push their riding capabilities to the limit.

Riders have the freedom to choose from three compound variations: the D10A (Soft), D20A (Medium), and D30A (Hard). Each compound option offers a distinct blend of grip, durability, and overall performance, allowing riders to customize their riding experience according to their unique preferences and riding style. Whether seeking maximum grip for aggressive carving or enhanced durability for extended rides, the Hoosier 5.5 Treaded Tire ensures riders can tailor their ride to suit their individual needs, providing the ultimate balance of grip and control for an unmatched riding experience on the Onewheel+ XR.


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This package includes:

1 - Hoosier 5.5 Tire for Onewheel+ XR
1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack


For optimal protection against flats, we recommend using tire sealant when installing your new TFL Enduro Tire. Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant is a great choice.

Upgrade your Onewheel™ valve stem with this 90° nickel-plated metal valve stem! It's a more durable alternative to the stock rubber valve stem and allows for easy access to adjust your PSI. The adjustable base features a locking nut to easily fix slow leaks with a simple wrench turn. Not only does it provide improved function, but it also looks great!

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WTF Rider
Great tire

needed something better than my standard vega and since I ride a lot of dirt trails this tire was a great buy! also shout out to the guy from the shop who really helped me out with everything!