Apollo Phantom V4
Apollo Phantom V4
Apollo Phantom V4
Apollo Phantom V4
Apollo Phantom V4
Apollo Phantom V4

Apollo Phantom V4



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Apollo Phantom V4:

Introducing Apollo Phantom - the fourth version of our most iconic e-scooter yet. Powered by our MACH 1 controller for the smoothest acceleration and braking. The first in its class to offer a smart regenerative brake throttle and app connectivity, the Phantom will take your riding experience to the next level, providing unprecedented control and customization.

The Unseen Force That Propels The Ride: 

The Mach 1 controller - the brain behind the ride - delivers unprecedented performance. Improving efficiency by 27% (compared to stock controllers), it unlocks a top speed of 41 MPH in Ludo Mode. Welcome to the Ludo world.

Crazy Powerful:

3200W of power! All at the tips of your fingers. The Phantom is designed for top speed and to conquer up to 25 degree hills.

Exceptional Range For Extended Adventures:

The Phantom has a 1216 Wh battery (52V 23.4Ah), offering range of up to 50 miles on conservative settings and 25 miles at full power, ensuring long, uncompromised journeys. 

Power RBS: Smart Regen Braking:

Meet our Power Regenerative Braking System: The first-ever regenerative brake throttle on a high-performance e-scooter. Brake faster, safer, and more efficiently while recharging your battery, and reduce mechanical brake usage by 90%. Enjoy a smoother ride and forget about maintenance.

All-Terrain Mastery:

10-inch pneumatic tires on the Phantom ensure smooth, comfortable rides across any terrain with superior traction.

360° Lighting:

Enhanced for safety, the Phantom features front turn signals, a 1000-lumen headlight, and rear signals, ensuring maximum visibility at all times.

 Bright, Dynamic LX Display:

The Phantom's LX Display is twice as bright, larger, and faster, featuring anti-glare technology for clear viewing of gear modes, speed, battery, and more.

Customize And Control:

Unlock personalize settings, from regen braking to acceleration, and enjoy features like remote locking and navigation for an advanced riding experience with the Apollo App.

Ludo Mode Activated: 

Go ludicrous by activating LUDO Mode - an exhilarating feature that takes your ride to a whole new dimension of fun and excitement. You'll feel the adrenaline-fueled rush that unlocks even more power and speed, pushing you from 38mph in 3rd gear to a heart-pumping 41mph. Get ready to go Ludicrous and never look back!

Designed For Durability And Safety:

  • Crafted from Aerospace grade aluminum for superior strength

  • Undergoes a rigorous 103-step quality control checklist

  • Covered by a 10,000km warranty for lasting assurance

Battery Management System:

Six protective mechanisms: (1) short circuit, (2) overcurrent, (3) double overcharge, (4) double over-discharge (5) temperature resistance, and (6) under-voltage auto-sleep; ensure battery longevity during use, charge, and storage.

This package includes:

1 - Apollo Phantom V4

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