Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH
Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH
Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH

Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH


One Wheel VESC Board

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For further information please visit the Makers PEV FAQ page for the Little FOCer HERE.

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Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH:

Little FOCer Rev3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller BYOH (Bring your own Heat-sink version)

  • The Little FOCer without a heat sink
  • Uses Vesc based firmware
  • DC Input 12 Gauge wire to XT60  Male
  • Phase Output 12 Gauge wire to 4mm Female Bullet connectors
  • On board IMU for balance applications 
  • Integrated Bluetooth NRF 52840 
  • DRV less design
  • Sophisticated fault detection for over-current, over-voltage, gate drive errors, and more
  • Easy On/Off capability with latching switch of choice
  • ESD Protected IO
  • 72mm x 84mm PCB footprint
  • ADC1 and ADC2 internally equipped with 10k Ohm pulldown resistors. 

The capacitors and JST connectors' are mounted on the opposite sides of the mosfets so that the motor controller can be mounted to a metal plate or other custom heat sink solution.  This is typically the best option for fitting inside the controller box of a balance board.

New features in  Rev3:

  • Increase current limits
  • support for phase filters
  • ASS support (Advanced Sensorless Startup)
Specification Value
 Nominal Input Voltage 28V to 72V (8s to 20s Lithium Ion)
Recommended Lower voltage limit 24V
Absolute Maximum Operating Voltage 84V
Battery Current Consumption


Idle< 0.8W

Max (ext.) = 100A

Peek Phase Current 250A
Peak Efficiency 95% or greater
PET PWM switching frequency range 10kHz to 60kHz (Center Aligned PWM)
Minimum recommended motor phase to phase inductance 10µH
Supported Motor Types BLDC and DC motors
Input Capacitance 602µF
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -20C to 50C
Storage Temperature Range -35C to 85C
Thermal Cutback The controller linearly reduces maximum output current when the internal controller temperature is above 80C. Complete cutoff at 100C, the control board over-temperature threshold
Communication Protocols 



1xBlutooth Low Energy


On board IMU

Management Interfaces

USB Type-C


Management Software

VESC 6 open source project compatible 

The Little Focer V3 is based upon the VESC®-Project. VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder

This package includes:

1 - Little FOCer REV3.1 ESC Electric Speed Controller - BYOH

1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker 

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