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TFL MTE 5" Hub - Onewheel GT

MTE 5'' Hub - Onewheel GT-S and Onewheel GT Compatible


Onewheel GT-S / Onewheel GT

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  • Onewheel GT-S
  • Onewheel GT

The MTE 5'' Hub:

Imagine the thrill of upgrading from a 6" Onewheel+ XR hub to a 6.5" Onewheel GT hub—now, amplify that sensation twofold, but this time, envision it leading in the right (and truly outstanding) direction. That's precisely the exhilarating experience awaiting you with the MTE 5" hub. Its design promises a ride that's not just a step up but a leap forward in performance and enjoyment.

When it comes to magnet options, we've got you covered with three distinct choices:

  • First up are the N42 magnets, boasting a balance of lower torque and a higher top speed, ideal for those seeking a standard OW experience.
  • For enthusiasts craving a bit more power, Jeff's favorite, the N48 magnets, offer increased torque while maintaining a respectable top speed.
  • And for riders who demand maximum performance, especially larger individuals or those tackling challenging terrain, the N52 magnets provide unparalleled torque, ensuring a stable ride despite a slightly reduced top speed.

With the MTE 5" hub, customization meets excellence, empowering you to tailor your Onewheel experience to your exact preferences and needs.

This package includes:

1 - MTE 5'' Hub for Onewheel GT-S / GT

1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack

TFL 555 Enduro Tire - MTE 5" Compatible:

Introducing TFL Enduro Tire: the perfect synthesis of stability, grip, and maneuverability. Crafted through extensive R&D and community input, it boasts custom durometer for a smooth, quiet ride, a directional tread for street quietness, and sidewall patterns for off-road grip. Choose between soft for comfort or mid for longevity

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Absolutely love my hub Thanks Jeff and the boys at one stop board shop!