Your One Stop Shop for All Evolve E-Skate Needs

Your One Stop Shop for All Evolve E-Skate Needs

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OSBS is your one-stop-shop for all your Evolve E-Skate needs. Check out these sick Evolve E-Skate Models available at OSBS and visit our store in Somerville, NJ, to speak with our stoke specialists. They’ll help you find the best board for you.

Evolve E-Skate Models at OSBS

The Carbon Series

In 2013, Evolve Skateboards designed the world’s first carbon fiber electric skateboard and has continued to maintain the gold standard ever since. The Carbon GTR Series is handmade from 100% Carbon fiber, with the GTR deck beautifully concealing the electric system.

Carbon GTR All Terrain

The Evolve Carbon GTR All-Terrain is perfect for exploring various terrain to shred on. With its range of 18mi per charge and concave built, this board is perfect for those who like to be in control.

Carbon GTR Street

The Evolve Carbon GTR Street has an awesome range of 31mph per charge. The Carbon GTR Street can be converted to an All-Terrain board with our conversion kit, so you can experience new ways of riding.

The Bamboo GTR Series

The Bamboo GTR Series is the best of old-school deck craftsmanship and modern technology—making it the ultimate ride of choice. This Series is pimped with newly forged aluminum ‘Super Carve’ trucks to enhance the riding experience.

Bamboo GTR All-Terrain

The GTR Bamboo All-Terrain deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass, which gives you a sweet spot for flex and strength. No matter the carve you crave, this bamboo deck has a classic longboard vibe and will provide you with a soft and supported underfoot.

Bamboo GTR Street

The GTR Bamboo Street rides like a cheetah unleashed. These street wheels are super-fast, grippy, and smooth. Shred on street and terrain alike with our All-Terrain Kit, which completely changes the feeling of the ride.

The Hadean Carbon Series

With more speed, more range, more smarts, and a lot more power, The Hadean Carbon Series takes everything you know and love about the GTR Series and turns it up to 100. These boards are currently available for preorder.

Hadean Carbon All-Terrain

The Hadean Carbon All-Terrain eats up any terrain you throw its way, including short grass, dirt, gravel, roads, and footpaths. This board can cruise up to 27mph with dual 3000w motors, giving it enough power to make it up some of the steepest hills with ease.

Hadean Carbon Street

The Hadean Carbon Street reaches a top speed of 31mph and a range of 40mi. This board is the best fit for riding on sealed surfaces, including asphalt/concrete roads and footpaths. The Hadean Carbon Street can be converted into an All-Terrain Board with our Conversion Kit like our other Street boards.

The Hadean Bamboo Series

Like our Bamboo GTR Series, the Hadean Bamboo Series is constructed of bamboo and fiberglass, giving it accelerated power and sophisticated design. These boards are currently available for preorder.

Hadean Bamboo All-Terrain

The Hadean Bamboo All-Terrain has a sophisticated traditional-styled bamboo deck, modernized using feet-locking dropdowns and a 'W' concave. With a 25mi range and a top speed of 26mph, this board can ride on various terrain.

Hadean Bamboo Street

The Hadean Bamboo Street is an absolute monster with its 40mi range and a top speed of 31mph. Whether you’re in the mood for sealed surfaced rides or rough terrain, enjoy the best of both Street and All-Terrain with our conversion kit.

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