Wheel Life Rally 2024

Wheel Life Rally 2024

Wheel Life Rally 2024

Gear up for a rendezvous of electrifying energy as The Wick 338 Track in Southwick, Massachusetts transforms into an exhilarating playground for the Wheel Life Rally. Unite with zealous enthusiasts of Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) as we charge through an expanse of unadulterated fun on various terrains, including loose gravel, light packed dirt, and technical motocross trails. Feel the ecstatic pulse of Electric Unicycles (EUC) and Onewheels™ (OW) under your feet and savor the fantastic feeling of flight.

Wheel Life Rally is the brainchild of spirited pioneers who recognized the sheer magnetism of these lithium-powered machines. Born out of a yearning to converge and rejoice in the electric euphoria that these wheels induce, the rally is not just a celebration, but a liberation of the senses.

We are excited to announce that OSBS is proud to sponsor and partner with Wheel Life Rally 2024

What To Expect

Wheel Life Rally 2024, participants can immerse themselves in a range of thrilling activities such as drag races, where competitors feel the rush of accelerating from inertia to the finish line in heart-thumping, straight-line sprints. Another highlight is navigating the obstacle course, while mastering their one-wheeled devices with precision and skill.

Get Tickets!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the thrill of PEVs in action and celebrate the community that shares your passion for electric adventure!

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Safety First

Wheel Life Rally holds safety sacrosanct. Participants must wear protective gear including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. The riding area is meticulously assessed to ensure the well-being of all participants, staff volunteers, and bystanders.

Join us for an invigorating weekend that galvanizes not just the thrill-seekers but the entire spectrum of PEV aficionados. Wheel Life Rally 2024 is New England’s Premiere P.E.V. Event, hosted at The Wick 338 Motocross Track in Southwick, Massachusetts on August 3-4, 2024.


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