What Is Floatwheel?

What Is Floatwheel?

What Is Floatwheel

Introduction to Floatwheel?

Floatwheel is at the forefront of innovation in personal electric vehicles (PEVs), offering advanced technology and features designed to enhance your riding experience. With their commitment to quality and performance, Floatwheel stands out in the PEV market.

The CannonCore Motor

The heart of Floatwheel's boards is the CannonCore Motor, the most powerful in the industry. With a 11790 stator and innovative cooling technology, it ensures peak performance and reliability, allowing you to conquer any terrain with confidence.

Battery Packs for Extended Range

Floatwheel introduces industry-first 20s2p 21700 battery packs. Strategically placed in both the front and rear compartments, these batteries offer an impressive range of up to 34 miles, making long rides more accessible and enjoyable.

Ergonomic Dual Concave Footpads

Designed for maximum comfort, the slightly dish-shaped footpads adapt to the natural contours of your feet. This ergonomic design eliminates pressure zones, providing a comfortable and secure riding experience.

SmartDots Display

The SmartDots display enhances visibility by showing footpad status and battery percentage. The display automatically dims at higher speeds, ensuring optimal readability and safety.

Advanced Headlights

The ADV and ADV Pro models come standard with 760LM headlights. These headlights feature automatic dimming and direction-adaptive light switching, providing clear visibility in all riding conditions.

Right to Repair

Floatwheel is dedicated to supporting the right to repair, providing all necessary parts for their boards. This allows riders to perform their own repairs and avoid the hassle of sending boards back for service, promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency.

ADV Pro:

The ADV Pro model is a testament to Floatwheel's commitment to high performance. Key features include:

  • 6HP CannonCore Motor: Provides unmatched power and acceleration.
  • Height Adjustable Ergonomic Rails: Customize the ride height to your preference.
  • Fast Charging: With an 840w Hypercharger, the ADV Pro can fully charge in just 48 minutes.


The ADV model combines performance with versatility, featuring:

  • 6HP CannonCore Motor: Ensures powerful and efficient rides.
  • Height Adjustable Ergonomic Rails: Offers customizable comfort.
  • Standard Charger: Comes with a 180w charger for a full charge in 3.5 hours, with optional fast charging capability.

Floatwheel's innovative designs, powerful motors, and commitment to the right to repair make their boards a top choice for PEV enthusiasts. Whether you choose the high-performance ADV Pro or the versatile ADV, you can trust Floatwheel to deliver an exceptional riding experience.


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