Can You Turn a Bike Into an E-Bike?

Can You Turn a Bike Into an E-Bike?

Can You Turn a Bike Into an E-Bike? 

So, you might be wondering, "Can you turn a regular bike into an electric bike?" The answer is a resounding yes! Nestled in the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, CLIP.Bike Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking innovation: the ability to transform ordinary bicycles into powerful pedal-assist e-bikes using their cutting-edge CLIP technology. With a mission to provide instant upgrades to any bike, CLIP is revolutionizing urban commuting by offering a seamless transition to electrified biking.Experience Effortless Riding

Experience Effortless Riding:

Are you tired of the same old grind during your daily commute? Do you wish there was a way to make getting around town more enjoyable and eco-friendly? Look no further than CLIP, the revolutionary ride assist technology from CLIP.Bike Inc. With CLIP, you can transform your ordinary bike into a powerful pedal-assist e-bike, bringing back joy to your travels. Gone are the days of struggling up steep hills or arriving at your destination sweaty and exhausted. With CLIP, your commute becomes a breeze as the pedal-assist technology provides just the right amount of extra power when you need it most. Say goodbye to traffic jams and packed subway cars – with CLIP, you'll glide through the city streets with ease, enjoying every moment of your journey.

Keep Your Favorite Bike:

One of the best things about CLIP is its flexibility. Unlike traditional e-bikes that require you to purchase an entirely new bicycle, CLIP can electrify almost any bike, allowing you to keep riding your favorite two-wheeled companion. Whether you have a vintage cruiser or a high-performance road bike, CLIP seamlessly integrates with your existing ride, preserving the style and feel you love.

Take the 'e' with You:

We understand the concerns that come with owning an e-bike – they're expensive, and unfortunately, they're often targeted by thieves. That's why CLIP is designed to be easy to remove and take with you wherever you go. Simply detach the CLIP device from your bike, and you can bring it along into your office, apartment, or anywhere else you need to go. No more worrying about leaving your prized possession vulnerable to theft – with CLIP, you can keep your bike safe and secure.

Choose Your Model:

CLIP offers two distinct models tailored to suit your specific commuting needs:

CLIP | friction drive - Commuter

Specs Comparison:

Specification Commuter Explorer
Price $499 $599
Weight 8.8 lbs. 9.8 lbs.
Range Up to 6 miles Up to 12 miles
Battery Capacity 96 Wh 192 Wh
Charge Time 30 mins 60 mins
Regen Braking 12-18% 12-18%
Speed 15 mph 15 mph
Dimensions 18”x5.5”x5.75” 18”x5.5”x5.75”
Airplane Carry-on Yes No 



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