TiGr® Locks: The Ultimate Security for Onewheels, E-Bikes, and Bicycles

TiGr® Locks: The Ultimate Security for Onewheels, E-Bikes, and Bicycles

TiGr® Locks: The Ultimate Security for Onewheels, E-Bikes, and Bicycles

When it comes to securing your onewheel or e-bike, finding the perfect balance between strength and weight is crucial. TiGr® Locks have mastered this balance, offering unparalleled protection without the burden of excessive weight. Since 2011, TiGr® locks have been a trusted choice for riders of personal electric vehicles (PEVs) worldwide, combining innovative design with robust security features. Here's why TiGr® Locks are the ultimate choice for protecting your onewheel or e-bike.

Unmatched Strength-to-Weight Performance:

TiGr® Locks are renowned for their superior strength-to-weight ratio. Each TiGr® U-Lock weighs less than 500g, making them half the weight of conventional bike locks, including heavy-duty chain locks, folding locks, and cable locks. Despite their lightweight construction, TiGr® Locks do not compromise on security, offering top-notch protection for your onewheel or e-bike.

Lightweight U-Locks:

All TiGr® U-Locks are designed with the modern PEV rider in mind. Weighing in at under 500 grams, these locks are easy to handle and transport. Whether you're commuting through the city on your e-bike or cruising on your onewheel, TiGr® Locks provide peace of mind without the extra weight.

Effortless Portability:

Carrying a TiGr® Lock is a breeze. As Wirecutter highlighted, TiGr® offers "our favorite frame mount of all the locks we’ve tried." This means you can securely attach your lock to your ride, ensuring it's always within reach without adding cumbersome bulk. The intuitive design of the frame mount ensures quick access and hassle-free use.

Certified Security:

TiGr® Locks are not just lightweight; they are also rigorously tested for security. They have been independently tested and certified by leading lock testing labs in Europe. TiGr® U-Locks proudly carry the ART** certification, making them the lightest U-locks to achieve this prestigious mark of security. This certification assures you that your onewheel or e-bike is protected by a lock that meets stringent security standards.

Award-Winning Design:

Functionality meets elegance in TiGr® Locks. The clean, simple, and functional design of TiGr® Locks is inspired by personal electric vehicles themselves. In 2016, the TiGr® mini Titanium U-lock was honored with the RedDot Product Design award, celebrating its innovative and stylish design. This recognition underscores TiGr®'s commitment to creating locks that are not only secure but also visually appealing.

Proudly Made in the USA:

Since its inception in 2011, TiGr® Locks have been proudly manufactured in the USA. This commitment to domestic production ensures high quality and supports local manufacturing industries. Each TiGr® Lock is crafted with precision and care, embodying the durability and reliability that riders demand.

Proven Ride Protection:

With a proven track record of protecting onewheels, e-bikes, and traditional bicycles, TiGr® Locks have earned the trust of riders around the globe. Whether you're locking up your ride at a busy urban rack or a secluded trailhead, you can rely on TiGr® to provide the security you need.

Choose TiGr® for Ultimate Ride Security:

In the world of PEV locks, TiGr® stands out as a leader in innovation, design, and security. Lightweight, easy to carry, and independently certified, TiGr® Locks offer the best in ride protection. Trust in TiGr® for your onewheel or e-bike security needs and experience the difference that superior design and engineering can make. Get yours today HERE!.


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