The TFL MTE 5" Hub / 555 Enduro Tire

The TFL MTE 5" Hub / 555 Enduro Tire

The TFL MTE 5" Hub / 555 Enduro Tire

Onewheel riders, listen up! If you thought the shift from a 6" XR hub to a 6.5" GT hub was a game-changer, get ready to double that excitement in the best possible direction. The MTE 5" hub is here to redefine your Onewheel experience, offering an extraordinary ride that goes beyond your wildest expectations.

The TFL MTE 5" Hub

The Onewheel community is buzzing about the Float Life's MTE 5" hub, and for good reason. This upgrade takes the already exhilarating Onewheel ride and cranks it up to eleven. Whether you're an experienced rider or a newcomer to the Onewheel world, the MTE 5" hub promises an unparalleled level of performance that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Magnet Options 

One of the standout features of the MTE 5" hub is its magnet options. These magnets play a pivotal role in shaping the torque and top speed of your Onewheel. Let's dive into the magnet choices and how they can transform your ride:

N42 - Stock OW Magnets:

Lower torque, Higher top speed

Perfect for riders who love a smooth and speedy cruise. If covering long distances with a burst of speed is your style, the N42 magnets are the ideal choice.

N48 - Jeff's Favorite:

Increased torque, Slight decrease in top speed

For those who crave more torque and acceleration, Jeff's favorite, the N48 magnets, strike a perfect balance. Experience quicker starts and enhanced control without sacrificing too much on top speed.

N52 - Recommended for the Clydesdales:

Maximum torque, Lower top speed

Tailored for heavyweight riders, the N52 magnets provide maximum torque. This option is recommended for Clydesdales – those who appreciate a powerful and robust Onewheel ride.

The TFL 555 Enduro Tire

the MTE 5" hub has established itself as a benchmark for performance, and the synergy with the TFL 555 Enduro Tire takes this experience to unprecedented heights. TFL's innovative tire design is the culmination of over a year of meticulous development, providing a groundbreaking hybrid solution to the perennial tread vs. slick debate. With a custom durometer ensuring a dampened ride, a directional tread design for a quiet street experience, and progressive sidewall features for superior edge hold, the 555 Enduro Tire perfectly complements the capabilities of the MTE 5" hub.

Soft Compound: 

Acknowledging the diverse preferences of riders, TFL offers a soft compound option for the 555 Enduro Tire. This choice delivers a smooth, forgiving feel underfoot, creating a buttery riding experience. The custom durometer ensures a dampened ride, reducing off-road chatter and road noise, enhancing the overall comfort for riders who prioritize a plush and smooth Onewheel journey.

Mid Compound:

For riders valuing extended tire longevity, TFL provides the mid compound variant of the 555 Enduro Tire. While sacrificing some of the soft compound's forgiveness, the mid compound increases the tire's lifespan, extending the time between tire changes. The result is a tire that balances durability with performance, offering riders a more robust option for their Onewheel setup.

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