The OSBS Sensor Guard

The OSBS Sensor Guard

The OSBS Sensor Guard:

As passionate Onewheel riders, we know that the thrill of each ride is something special. Whether you're cruising on pavement, tackling off-road trails, or perfecting tricks, safeguarding your Onewheel from potential front sensor damage is paramount. Enter the OSBS Sensor Guard – a high-quality sensor protector designed to offer unbeatable protection without compromising on style.


The OSBS Sensor Guard is engineered to shield your Onewheel's front sensor from impacts and obstacles. Whether you encounter rough terrain, unexpected obstacles, or simply love pushing the limits with tricks, this guard ensures your board's nose remains intact, allowing you to ride with confidence.

Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Crafted from TPU, a versatile and customizable material, the OSBS Sensor Guard strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, durability, and strength. TPU's unique composition ensures that your Onewheel remains protected without compromising its performance, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking top-notch gear.


Not only does the OSBS Sensor Guard excel in protection, but it also lets you showcase your unique style. With a vibrant array of colors to choose from, including Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, and Ruby Red, among others, you can personalize your Onewheel to stand out from the crowd. Express yourself and ride in style with the perfect color that matches your personality.

Color Options:

Choose from a wide spectrum of colors to match your mood and style:

  • Midnight Black
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Sour Apple Green
  • Brittany Blue
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Purple Rain
  • Icy White
  • Crystal Clear
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Limited Edition: Berry Magenta
  • Limited Edition: Mellow Yellow
  • Limited Edition: Pink Lemonade
  • Limited Edition: Neon Yellow:

Don't let a busted-up nose slow you down. Elevate your Onewheel experience with the OSBS Sensor Guard – the ultimate nose protector that combines style with unbeatable protection. Order yours today and ride with peace of mind, knowing that your Onewheel is equipped to handle whatever adventure comes your way. Ride on, ride strong, and ride with confidence!

Shop Sensor Guards:

Select your Onewheel model and start protecting your front sensor.

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Concerned about the installation process? Fear not! We've got you covered with comprehensive installation videos available on our YouTube channel HERE. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a hassle-free setup and get ready to hit the streets with confidence. 


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