The Onewheel GT-S Series: Rally Edition

The Onewheel GT-S Series: Rally Edition

The Onewheel GT-S Series: Rally Edition

The Onewheel GT S-Series: Rally Edition marks an exciting advancement to the Onewheel Collection, tailored specifically for off-road enthusiasts seeking superior performance on challenging terrains. This model introduces a host of innovative features aimed at redefining off-road riding experiences.

Key Features and Specifications:

6-Inch Motor Hub At the heart of the Rally Edition lies a robust 6-inch motor hub, meticulously crafted to deliver substantial horsepower. Designed to dampen vibrations effectively, this hub ensures a smooth and stable ride over rough and uneven surfaces, enhancing overall comfort and control.

Recurve Rails A standout feature of the Rally Edition is its Recurve Rails. These rails feature asymmetric geometry, optimized through extensive CNC machining and prototype testing. They enhance leverage and handling, maintaining clearance and stance flexibility to empower riders on diverse trails.

Features of the Rally Edition:

  • Enhanced Leverage and Handling: The Recurve Rails optimize control, particularly on challenging terrains, ensuring a confident ride.

  • Comfort and Stability: The 6-inch motor hub reduces vibrations, providing a comfortable and stable riding experience across varied landscapes.

  • Innovative Design Process: Rigorous testing and refinement have perfected the Rally Edition's features, catering specifically to the demands of off-road riding.

Performance Highlights:

113V Powertrain The Rally Edition boasts a re-engineered 113V powertrain, delivering increased torque, acceleration, and improved hill-climbing capabilities.

NSK Bearings and GT Performance Treaded Tire Premium NSK bearings from Japan contribute to smoother rides, complementing the GT Performance Treaded Tire designed for enhanced stability and grip.

Lowboy Footpads Featuring a slimmer design for a lower ride height, the footpads offer refined concave shaping and rounded edges for optimal comfort and control.

Lighter Build Weighing two pounds less than its predecessor, the Rally Edition achieves a lighter build through a redesigned battery and power stage.

Custom Shaping Adjustable riding profiles via the Onewheel app allow riders to personalize their experience based on terrain and riding style.

Additional Highlights:

  • Development Process: Extensive collaboration and craftsmanship with the Onewheel Factory Team have perfected the Recurve Rails and overall design, ensuring unparalleled performance.

  • Performance: The Rally Edition blends the power of its 6-inch motor hub with innovative Recurve Rails, promising a stable, comfortable, and powerful ride. It's engineered to excel on rough terrains, offering superior handling, leverage, and vibration reduction.

Ready To Customize?:

Explore our collection of accessories for the Onewheel GT-S to really personalize your new ride.From protection, to a wide selection of aftermarket accessories, you can really make it your own. 

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