The Evolve Renegade

The Evolve Renegade

The Evolve Renegade

Embark on a thrilling journey where the call of the wild meets cutting-edge technology – introducing the Evolve Renegade. This electric mountain board is not just a mode of transport; it's a statement. Designed for those who crave the excitement of unexplored terrains, the Renegade boasts a rugged aesthetic that signifies its fearless spirit. With the power to reach impressive speeds and cover considerable distances on a single charge, this off-road beast is equipped with advanced motor control and powerful motors. The Renegade is not merely a cruiser; it's a true adventurer, ready to conquer the roads less travelled with unmatched power and style. And with the option to install Evolve Bindings, it pushes the boundaries of what's possible on an electric board. Get ready to redefine your off-road experience and unleash the wild side within – this is the Renegade.

The Board:

Performance: At the heart of the Renegade Series lies the formidable EFOC motor controller and potent 6000-watt motors. Paired with an upgraded 20Ah Samsung 50S battery, this electric skateboard not only delivers impressive power but also extends rider times for those who crave longer adventures. Whether you're cruising the streets or tackling challenging terrains, the Renegade Series ensures a thrilling and enduring riding experience.

Deck: Crafted from solid carbon fiber, the Renegade deck is a testament to Evolve's commitment to innovation. This material strikes the perfect balance between robust strength and ideal flexibility, catering to the needs of extreme riders who love pushing the limits. The Renegade deck is designed to handle the demands of those who like to "send it" with style and confidence.

Forged Trucks: The Renegade Series introduces the "Renegade Forged" trucks, specifically designed for maximum strength. These trucks undergo a forged manufacturing process, ensuring durability and resilience. Whether you're navigating rough terrains or executing daring tricks, the Renegade's forged trucks provide the stability and reliability needed for an extraordinary riding experience.

Bindings: For riders seeking an off-road adventure, the Renegade Series offers built-in binding hole inserts. When paired with Evolve Bindings (sold separately), this electric skateboard transforms into an off-road beast, allowing riders to reach new limits. The combination of bindings and the Renegade's robust features opens up a world of possibilities for those who crave off-road excitement.

Remote: The Renegade Series comes equipped with the Phaze remote, designed to provide intuitive acceleration and braking. Featuring a dual trigger design and encased in a robust aluminum frame, the Phaze remote is a testament to precision and durability. The CNC aluminum frame reinforces the remote's backbone, ensuring it meets the demands of the most hardcore riders. With the Phaze remote in hand, riders have full control over their Renegade, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The Specs:

Deck Materials - Carbon Fiber

Deck Length - 95cm (37.4 inches)

Wheel Base - 96cm (38 inches)

Trucks - Evolve Renegade Trucks - Forged/CNC. 39cm (15.5 inch width, 8mm axles)

Wheels - Evolve 17mm (7 inch pneumatic tires - Evolve All-Terrain hubs

Motor - Dual 3000w rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors

Motor Controller / ESC - Evolve Custom 50V Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor communication, Bluetooth Connection.

Bearings - Evolve Precision Ceramic Bearings

Battery - 43.2v - 864WH - 20AH - Samsung 505

Recharge - 3.5 hrs - 4hrs.

Remote - Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminum-reinforced body.

Weight - 15.7 kg (34.6 lbs)

Range - Up to 50km (31 miles)

Top Speed - 42km/h (26 mph)

Max Load - 120kg / 265lb

Suitable Terrain - Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads, and footpaths 

Slides - Off-road yes, not recommended on sealed surfaces.

Hills - 35% +

Braking - FOC regenerative braking, adjustable base and acceleration curves.

Aesthetics - Tough mountain board look and fele with a medium flex Carbon fiber deck

Lights - Front and rear LED lights. User-customizable control via remote and Evolve app

Bindings - Optimal fitment

What's in the box?

Renegade Board

Renegade Force Bash Guard

Fast Charer (SA)

Phaze Remote (leash and charging cable)

Y Tool

Spare Screw Set

Instructions Manual

Ready to ride?

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