The Evolve Onirique

The Evolve Onirique

The Evolve Onirique

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Onirique, a true masterpiece born from the visionary collaboration between Loaded Boards and Evolve. Combining Evolve's rich 13-year legacy in the electric skateboard industry with Loaded Boards' unrivaled expertise in deck design, the Onirique promises an unparalleled riding experience, taking you up to 25km on a single charge.

The Board:

A Dreamlike Design for Seamless Riding:

The Onirique's ergonomic design is purposefully engineered to enhance every move, transforming your commute into a rad journey where exhilaration knows no bounds. Derived from the French word for "dreamlike," the Onirique transports riders to a realm of unmatched excitement.

Functional Design for Optimal Performance:

The Onirique seamlessly blends a wide deck platform, mild concave, and strategically positioned flares for stability, responsiveness, and optimal foot positioning, all packed into a compact form. The intentional flares encourage a specific foot placement, keeping riders constantly aware of their board position, while the option for a centered stance adds a narrow, surfy vibe. The slight rocker and mild concave, combined with damp construction, ensure hours of continuous, comfortable riding.

Precision Craftsmanship for Lightweight Strength:

Crafted with precision, the Onirique boasts a three-layer bamboo core sandwiched between fibreglass/epoxy layers, creating a lightweight yet robust structure. Bamboo veneers on the top and bottom not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the deck's functionality. Aggressive grip tape ensures increased board hold for both cruising and next-gen e-skate ripping.

Graphics & Shape: Artistry in Motion:

Inspired by the elliptical experiments of progressive surfboard shapers like Tomo and Album, the Onirique's performance-driven outline conceals highly complex curvatures in a seemingly simple and appealing shape. Nanastudio's graphic design aims to evoke the dreamlike quality of the deck's name and riding experience. The Evolve logo, laser-etched into the bamboo top sheet, serves as a finishing touch, symbolizing the extraordinary partnership between Loaded Boards and Evolve in creating this exceptional e-skate deck.

The Specs:

Deck Materials - 3 Ply Bamboo and Fiberglass Layers

Deck Length - 87.5 cm (34.5 inches)

Weight - 9.2kg / 20.2 lbs

Range - Up to 25km / 16.5 miles

Top Speed - Approx 36kph (22mph)

Max Load - 100kg / 220 lbs

Wheel Base - 71 cm (27.9 inches)

Trucks - Evolve Super Carve Trucks - Forged/CNC 30.6cm (12 inches) width, 8mm axiles

Wheels - Orangatang Caguamas 85mm - 80a Orange , 83a Purple and 77a Blue Happy Thane Formula

Motor - Dual 1500 watt (3000 watt total) high performance custome made brushless out-runner motors

Motor Controller (ESC) - Evolve Custom Dual Motor Driver FOC motor communication, Bluetooth connection and adjustable acceleration curves

Recharge - 1.5-2hrs with the standard fast charger

Remote - Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body

Suitable Terrain - Smooth bitumen roads / footpaths / concrete 

Slides - Yes 

Hills - Up to 30% gradient

Braking - Ultra smooth stepless braking control with regenerative recharging

Aesthetics - Surfy vibes with concave bliss

Lights - Compatible with E-FOC Prism Strip Lights 

What's In the Box:

Onirique board

1500W Forced Bash Guard 

Fast Charger 

Phaze Remote, Lanyard and Charging Cable 

Y Tool

Spare Screws Set

Instruction Manual 


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