The TFL Pioneer Tire

The TFL Pioneer Tire

The TFL Pioneer Tire

In the realm of wintertime adventures, only a select few dare to defy the elements and embrace the thrill of the season. For those fearless Onewheel riders who refuse to let rain, snow, or icy conditions dampen their spirits, the Pioneer emerges as the ultimate companion. Crafted with the winter rider in mind, this tire is designed to tackle the most challenging terrains while providing unbeatable stability and grip.

Tread Design

At the heart of the Pioneer's prowess lies its remarkable tread design. Boasting 2.5mm deep siping, this tire significantly enhances traction in wet, icy, and snowy conditions. The 6mm wide and 5.5mm deep treads on the Pioneer are nothing short of gnarly, challenging riders to attempt the impossible – lose traction on this beast if you dare!


The Pioneer's profile is a work of engineering excellence, strategically crafted to deliver maximum stability and grip in even the sketchiest conditions. With a substantial 6.9" width, this tire creates a large contact patch, ensuring riders have the confidence to conquer challenging landscapes. The inclusion of a generous center-line flat strip at the crown and progressive shoulders makes initiating and holding an edge during turns effortlessly smooth.

Compound Options

Recognizing that every Onewheel rider has unique preferences, the Pioneer offers a thoughtful selection of compounds to cater to different riding preferences.

Soft Compound: The soft compound is a dream underfoot, providing a smooth, forgiving, and buttery feel. Riders can revel in the pleasure of a plush ride, especially in challenging winter conditions. However, it's essential to note that the trade-off for this luxurious experience is a shorter lifespan, as the soft compound tends to wear out more quickly.

Mid Compound: Opting for the mid compound introduces a balance between longevity and performance. Riders who choose this option can enjoy an extended period between tire changes, thanks to the increased durability of the tire. While it may not offer the same level of forgiveness as the soft compound, the mid compound provides a noticeable "edge" when carving, catering to those who crave precision in their maneuvers.

Ready To Ride?

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Installation Assistance

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