Say Hello To The Evolve GTR Series 2

Say Hello To The Evolve GTR Series 2

The Evolve GTR Series 2

The Evolve GTR Series 2 has officially made its way to One Stop Board Shop. Feel the smoothness in acceleration, better braking system, and the overall feel of the ride itself. The board technology has also gotten smarter. It has the ability to connect the motor controller to Evolve’s Explore app, which allows you to adjust the acceleration, brake, and as well as the power, that best suits your riding aggressiveness. Evolve has also come out with the new Phaze Remote. The remote is compatible with the Stoke, Hadean, and GTR (Series 1 and 2). Experience the next level of riding with the new Evolve GTR Series 2.

The Carbon GTR

The Carbon GTR comes in either a street or all terrain setup. If you are looking to push your electric skateboard to its absolute top speed potential, the Carbon GTR Street will get you to those levels. With a more stiff deck, the carbon can handle the pressures of exceeding high speeds with much more stability. Alternatively, if you are interested in riding off-road, or pretty much any terrain, the Carbon GTR All Terrain would be the best candidate to fulfill that need.

The Bamboo GTR

Looking for that traditional wooden deck, with ultimate carvability? The Bamboo GTR is the way to go. Just like the Carbon GTR, the Bamboo GTR also comes in two setups - street and all terrain. The Bamboo GTR Street is powerful, fast, and nimble enough to get you really surfing the streets. If you are looking for that classy looking finish, while having rugged wheels to take you off road, the Bamboo GTR All Terrain is the board for you. With the Bamboo GTR All Terrain, you can ride anywhere and everywhere.

Phaze Remote

The new Phaze remote by Evolve is sleek, high tech, and durable. With the CNC aluminum  frame, the remote is made to withstand tough riding conditions. It also has easy to use navigation on the remote to be able to personalize your riding style, monitor board temperatures, and check the recordings of all your rides. The remote comes with a strap, USB-C charging cable, and a case to store your Phaze remote. The Phaze Remote is definitely worth a pick up.

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