Personal Electric Vehicle Shop Opens in Somerville, NJ

Personal Electric Vehicle Shop Opens in Somerville, NJ

One Stop Board Shop Opens Carrying Personal Electric Vehicles and Accessories

One Stop Board Shop (OSBS) has moved to Somerville, New Jersey! We are a family-owned premier online marketplace for Onewheel™ and electric skateboard parts and accessories. We provide several products and services for your personal electric vehicle to keep your ride fresh and decked out to the best of our ability.

What We Offer

Onewheel™ Parts & Accessories

At OSBS, we are a third-party accessory retailer and are stoked to be selling parts and accessories fit for the Onewheel self-balancing, single-wheeled electric skateboard. Search for your ideal accessories and upgrades by model or category, including board protection, sidekicks, battery upgrades, waterproofing, and more!


One of our newest electric vehicle drops are e-bikes and are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Rayvolt Bike and Spark Cycleworks. Rayvolt Bikes bring technology and retro styling to the forefront with their powerful performance and leather battery cover, making them the perfect mix of old and new. The Rayvolt lineup is loaded with amazing features like intelligent regenerative braking, pedal assist with hill detection, and a state-of-the-art software to pull it all together.

From street to trails, Spark bikes have got you covered. Spark Cycleworks have designed their e-bikes to not only be affordable to purchase but be affordable to maintain. By prioritizing the usage of off the shelf batteries, standardized international e-bike parts, and easy to obtain standard bike parts; their models make ownership headache free. Stop on by and check out our amazing new inventory of e-bikes. Get out this summer in style with Rayvolt and Spark.


A rad board that we sell at OSBS is the Summerboard. This electric skateboard emulates the feeling and experience of shredding a snowboard on the slopes so that riders can achieve a smooth ride—even on the pavement. We offer boards, accessories, gear, and more.

Shred Lights

ShredLights are the best LED lights for any skateboard, electric skateboard, or Onewheel™. At OSBS, we value our riders’ safety and encourage all of our customers to invest in our quality ShredLights so they can keep on riding—no matter the time of day.

Safety Gear

Every skater should wear standard safety gear to protect themselves and keep shredding safely and for a long time. At OSBS, we offer all of the standard safety gear, including helmets, gloves, and padding for the elbows, knees, and hips.

Services and Repairs

In addition to our many products, we also offer service and repairs for e-skate and Onewheel™ boards. We perform tire changes, and motor repairs, waterproofing, customization, and more. Visit our website for a full breakdown of our pricing.

The One Stop Board Shop Mission

Our top priority at One Stop Board Shop is to provide our riders with high-quality skateboard equipment, accessories, gear, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any skating needs. Contact us online, call +1 (908) 333-2820, or email Stay riding!