OSBS Is Now In The EUC Game!

One Stop Board Shop has gotten some fresh new products. EUCs!!! We are super excited to embed ourselves into the EUC community. What’s an EUC? EUC is short for Electric Unicycle. An electric unicycle is a self-balancing transporter with a single wheel. It’s kind of like riding a bike, but better, with a single wheel and a motor! This modern and sophisticated method of transportation is not only functional for commuters, but an incredible experience for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies on the road and the trails. An EUC might be the next ride to add to your collection!

Begode Nikola AR+ 2700wh

The Begode Nikola AR+ 2700wh is one flashy wheel! This collaboration between Begode and Alien Rides really makes this wheel “out of this world”. This 16 inch wheel is stocked with bright RGB lights, a loud bluetooth speaker, and a built-in trolley handle. The top speed on this wheel is just around 40 mph. Ride in style and light up the night with this aesthetic and feature packed EUC!

GotWay Begode EXN Speed

The Gotway Begode EXN Speed really packs a punch! The EXN is bigger than the RS19 and smaller than the Monster Pro, which makes this wheel a perfect enthusiast level wheel. It has the range to take you wherever you want to go without worrying about range. This wheel is a powerhouse, so you can feel the rush of the ride with a top speed of 45 mph, which is perfect for the competitive rider. If you love raw power, speed and a rugged looking wheel, this EUC is the one for you!

GotWay Begode EXN Seat

This is one comfy seat! The Gotway Begode EXN Seat provides comfort and durability for those long rides. The EXN seat is compatible with the EX and EXN models.

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