OSBS Has The E-Bike Brands You Love: Rayvolt & Spark Cycleworks

OSBS Has The E-Bike Brands You Love: Rayvolt & Spark Cycleworks

Popular E-Bike Brands, Rayvolt & Spark Cycleworks Models, Available Now

At One Stop Board Shop, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your PEV needs. Along with our many e-skate offerings, we also offer two e-bike brands: Rayvolt and Spark Cycleworks.

Here are ten e-bike models available now for in-store pick-up, and don't hesitate to come by our Somerville store today to demo the bike before making your final decision.

Rayvolt Models Available Now

The Cruzer

As the original Rayvolt model, the Cruzer’s design was influenced by the combination of early 1900’s motorcycles and the counter rock culture of the 1960’s Cafe Racer, all with a twist of a California Beach Cruzer. This e-bike is made with smart technology (EIVA), and has a state-of-the-art BLDC motor, making this bike one you don’t want to overlook.

The Clubman

Known as the ultimate electric city bike, the Clubman is a compact and urban e-bike that combines a sleek, sporty look with a refined vintage style. This bike is perfect for city living commuters because of its pedal-assist, which will get you to work quickly and comfortably.

The Torino

As a variation of the Rayvolt flagship model, the Torino is a high-performing City Carving Speedster. This model has sleek wide tires, a compact profile, and has a low center of gravity, making this model solid and steady.

The Ringo

As a stylish, post-apocalyptic-looking compact bike, the Ringo is perfect for dark city streets, vacant lots, dirt roads, and late-night vice runs. This compact, off-road, and modern bike comes with a vintage flair and has true dual-sport capabilities, giving this two-seater bike a nearly silent Rayvolt 500W motor.

The Ambassador

As one of the most aristocratic bikes that Rayvolt has designed to date, the Ambassador embodies neoclassical spirit but is far from conventional. This bike is delicate but strong, retro but classic, and is the perfect option for users who like traditional bicycles.

The Beachin’

Known as a large muscle e-bike, the Beachin’ is perfect for beach lovers. This electric beach cruiser has fat tires that are perfect for riding on sand or dirt roads. Despite its dimensions, it remains a stable and easily maneuverable electric bike.

Spark Cycleworks Models Available Now

The Lightning

Getting yourself the Spark Cyclework’s Lightning is a great way to reduce your dependency on cars. Weighing in at about 55 pounds, the Lightning’s motor has plenty of torque, can cruise up to 20 mph, and has excellent range.

The Rambler

The Rambler is another electric cruiser bike inspired by vintage motorcycle models. This model is a little faster than the Lightning, with the Rambler reaching speeds up to 25 mph. This e-bike has a smooth power delivery, plenty of range and is perfect for taking a quick ride to the beach, park, or around the city.

The Outlaw

While the Outlaw is a highly comfortable ride, it doesn’t lack power. In fact, like the Rambler, the Outlaw has 750 watts, meaning you’ll be able to hit 25 mph when riding. The key differentiator between these two models is that the Outlaw is a non-step-through version of the Rambler.

The Breeze

The Breeze is a perfect choice for your first e-bike because of its lightweight 250 watt motor and approachable step-through frame. This model also comes with fenders, a rear rack, and integrated lighting.

Which E-Bike Model Should I Buy?

That’s up to you to decide. Both Rayvolt and Spark Cycleworks offer unique e-bike models that are bound to meet your riding needs. Contact the experts at One Stop Board Shop for more information on these models, and come in for a free e-bike demo today!

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