OSBS Breaks Down All-Terrain vs Street Electric Skateboards

OSBS Breaks Down All-Terrain vs Street Electric Skateboards

Shop Our Variety of All-Terrain & Street Electric Skateboards at OSBS

OSBS is your PEV retailer of choice—from E-Skate to Onewheel™ and more; we got you covered. To shop our variety of All-Terrain and Street Electric Skateboards, visit our Somerville, NJ store or visit our online shop.

All-Terrain vs Street Electric Skateboards

As their names suggest, All-Terrain Boards are electric vehicles that can ride on various surfaces, including dirt, sand, mud, etc.—making these the ideal vehicle of choice for those who love to go off-road. On the other hand, Street Boards are designed to be ridden on sealed surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, and footpaths. Both boards are awesome, and the choice depends on the rider's preference.

At OSBS, we have several All-Terrain and Street Electric Skateboards to choose from.

OSBS’ All-Terrain Models

Carbon GTR All Terrain

The Evolve Carbon GTR All-Terrain 's range of 18mi per charge and concave build make this board perfect for tearing up all different terrain.

Bamboo GTR All-Terrain

The GTR Bamboo All-Terrain is decked out with newly forged pimps, but no compromise has been made when it comes to strength, durability, and ride quality.

Hadean Carbon All-Terrain

The Hadean Carbon All-Terrain can cruise up to 27mph with dual 3000w motors, giving it enough power to eat up any terrain you throw its way.

OSBS’ Street Models

Carbon GTR Street

The Evolve Carbon GTR Street has a range of 31mi per charge and 3000 watts of twin brushless censored motor power, making this board an absolute beast.

Hadean Bamboo Street

The Hadean Bamboo Street is like a panther unleashed due to its 40mi range and a top speed of 31mph.

Hadean Carbon Street

The Hadean Carbon Street reaches a top speed of 31mph and a range of 40mi and is best fit for riding on sealed surfaces.

Shop Our All-Terrain & Street Electric Skateboards at OSBS

Stop by our Somerville, NJ store or shop online to view our entire collection of electric skateboard accessories, upgrades, parts, and more. Contact the experts at One Stop Board Shop for more information on which board is best for you.

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