Onewheel Tricks: How To Curb Nudge

Onewheel Tricks: How To Curb Nudge

Onewheel Tricks: How To Curb Nudge

Curb nudge, the art of effortlessly scaling curbs and obstacles on your Onewheel, is a skill that can greatly enhance your riding experience and efficiency. Whether you're navigating urban terrain or exploring off-road trails, mastering curb nudges techniques will allow you to conquer obstacles with ease and confidence.

Understanding Curb Nudges:

Curb nudges involves using your Onewheel's power and momentum to ascend curbs, steps, or other obstacles in your path. It requires a combination of technique, timing, and balance to execute smoothly and safely. By harnessing the capabilities of your board and employing proper riding techniques, you can tackle obstacles of varying heights with confidence.

Get A Feel For The Curb: Before attempting the curb nudge, position the Onewheel at the edge of the curb with the board off. Place it so the tire aligns with the curb's edge. Step onto the front footpad to lift the rear pad off the ground. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the sensation of the rear pad lifting before executing the maneuver.

Start Slow: Approach the curb at a moderate pace, ensuring you have enough momentum to lift the front pad to clear it. Just before your tire reaches the curb, apply pressure to the front footpad as if squishing a bug, causing the board to lift off the ground. Focus on timing and sensation rather than fully clearing the curb at this stage.

De-Weight: Mastering de-weighting is crucial for smoothly ascending curbs. This technique involves temporarily lightening the pressure on your Onewheel to transition from the ground to the curb's surface seamlessly. Think of your feet as light as feathers as you "hop" onto the curb. It's a technical move that requires practice to master the sensation of de-weighting. A helpful analogy is envisioning yourself fencing: as you lunge forward, simultaneously de-weighting, your board will pop up onto the curb.

Curb Nudging Options:

Slamming The Tail: There are two methods to perform a curb nudge. The first involves forcefully slamming your rear pad onto the ground, creating a sudden jolt that propels the front pad upward, aiding in clearing the curb. This technique requires additional speed, utilizing the board's momentum to assist in ascending the curb. The jolt occurs when the tire bumps into the curb, while simultaneously executing the previous steps to complete a curb climb.

Sliding The Nose: The second option is to slide the front of your board perfectly onto the curb. This method is much smoother and cleaner but requires more technical skill.You will still execute the previous steps to complete the curb nudge

Practice, Practice, Practice:

Like any skill, mastering curb nudges takes practice and patience. Start with small curbs and gradually work your way up to larger obstacles as you gain confidence and proficiency. Experiment with different techniques and approaches to find what works best for you and your riding style.

Congratulations!!! You've successfully executed a Curb Nudge!

Curb nudges are a valuable skill that can greatly expand your riding capabilities and open up new possibilities for exploration and adventure. By mastering the techniques outlined in this guide and dedicating time to practice, you can become a confident and proficient curb climber, capable of tackling obstacles with ease and finesse. So, get out there, find some curbs, and start climbing – the world is yours to explore on your Onewheel!


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