Onewheel Bearings

Onewheel Bearings

Onewheel Bearings

In the world of Onewheeling, each rotation of the wheel is a symphony of possibilities, and the choice of bearings plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the melody of your ride. Whether you opt for the precision of SKF, the tailored engineering of Schaeffler FAG, or the rugged resilience of TFL Grizzly, any upgraded bearing choice promises to elevate your Onewheel adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we explore these exceptional options, recognizing that regardless of the path you choose, an upgraded bearing is a transformative upgrade, ensuring every spin is a harmony of smoothness and performance.

SKF Ball Bearing:

Prepare to elevate your Onewheel experience to unparalleled heights with SKF, the distinguished global leader in bearing manufacturing. Meticulously crafted for extraordinary performance, SKF bearings feature impeccably polished races – the inner grooved channels that define the very essence of smoothness and precision.

What sets SKF apart is the exceptional quality of its races, surpassing all competitors worldwide. The result? The ultimate roll and accuracy that redefine your ride. Each bearing is expertly inspected under a microscope, ensuring a level of smoothness that goes beyond the surface. Upgrade to the epitome of quality with SKF bearings for your Onewheel and let precision redefine every moment of your journey.

Schaeffler FAG Ball Bearing:

Tailored specifically for Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel GT, Pint, and Pint X, Schaeffler FAG Ball Bearings strike a balance of precision engineering and reliability. With a Round Bore, 35 mm ID, 55 mm OD, and 10 mm Width, these bearings are designed to optimize your Onewheel's performance.

It's important to note that a Onewheel requires two bearings to operate, and these Schaeffler FAG bearings are sold individually. Experience the difference in every revolution with these high-quality bearings, custom-made for the excellence that Onewheel demands.

TFL Grizzly Bearings:

For riders seeking bearings that can conquer any terrain without breaking the bank, TFL Grizzly Bearings stand out as the budget-friendly option without compromising resilience. Sold as a set of two, these bearings are the result of relentless testing on Tahoe trails and city rides, ensuring unwavering durability in diverse environments.

Key Features:

ABEC 7 rated for tight tolerances and long-lasting performance.

Available in 15-ball 440c stainless steel or si3n4 ceramic construction for a buttery-smooth ride.

440C stainless inner and outer races resist rust and increase durability.

Sapphire Blue molded rubber lip full-contact seals keep dirt and debris out for extended bearing life.

Packed with Mobil Polyrex EM Grease for extra longevity.

Laser-etched "Float" logo on outer races adds a touch of style.

Compatible with all Onewheel models.

With a full replacement warranty if they fail within 1,000 miles or 6 months of purchase, TFL Grizzly Bearings are a reliable and budget-friendly choice to upgrade your ride. Experience the difference for yourself, and let your Onewheel adventure be defined by unparalleled smoothness and resilience.

Snag A Set:

SKF Bearings HERE

Schaeffler F.A.G. Bearings HERE

TFL Grizzly Bearings HERE


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