Onewheel™ Fangs & Bumper Wheels at OSBS

Onewheel™ Fangs & Bumper Wheels at OSBS

Shop Onewheel™ Fangs & Bumper Wheels at OSBS

As a third-party accessory retailer for Onewheel™, OSBS is your one-stop shop for all your accessory needs. From Onewheel™ fangs and bumper wheels to float plates and skid plates, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

5 Onewheel™ Fangs & Bumper Wheels Available at OSBS

Fangs™ 3.0 Bumper Wheels

The Fangs 3.0 features a front bumper replacement that eliminates any chance of blocking the light. Additionally, the wider set wheels allow for more stability. These wheels can easily handle all sorts of rough pavement, making them far less likely to catch on anything when hitting a trail run. 

Compatibility: Onewheel+ XR™ & Onewheel+™

Fangs™ 3.0 Bumper Replacement Wheels

In the market for another set of awesome Fangs 3.0 Wheels? No problem! At OSBS, we carry replacement wheels that include a new set of stainless-steel bearings, axles, and spacers. Colors are available in black, red, lime green, and blue.

Compatibility: Onewheel+ XR™ & Onewheel+™

Fang™ Minis 2.0 Wheels

Fang™ Minis are perfect for more experienced riders looking to use bumper wheels for tricks, Fang Drags, easier curb nudges, or nose-grinding protection on steep ramps or dips. They are equally as functional as the larger Fangs wheels but with a smaller diameter.

Compatibility: Onewheel+ XR™ & Onewheel+™

Fangs™ 2.1 Full-Size Bumper Wheels

The Fangs 2.1 have been redesigned for improved precision. The 2.1s feature a urethane wheel and include injection-molded, glass-filled nylon for extreme durability.

Compatibility: Onewheel+ XR™& Onewheel+™

Fangs™ V2 Bumper Wheels for Pint

With twin stainless steel ball bearings on each wheel, custom-designed urethane wheels, and Titanium (6Al4V) axles, the Fangs™ Bumper for Pint V2 will keep your turning clearance and hill-climb angle intact.

Which Onewheel™ Fangs & Bumper Wheels Should I Buy

Depending on your unique riding preferences, we have something for everyone. Contact the experts at One Stop Board Shop for more information on which Onewheel™ fangs and bumper wheels are best for you.

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