Frequently Asked E-Skate Questions

Frequently Asked E-Skate Questions

Frequently Asked E-Skate Questions

One Stop Board Shop is here to answer the most popular E-Skate related questions. If there isn't a question that you were looking for, visit our Contact Us page and ask away!

How fast do electric skateboards go?

The top speed of electric skateboards varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Some models can reach speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h) or more, while others may have lower maximum speeds. It's important to check the specifications of the specific electric skateboard you're interested in.

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What is the range of an electric skateboard?

 The range of an electric skateboard also depends on factors such as the battery capacity, terrain, rider weight, and riding style. Generally, most electric skateboards offer a range of 10-20 miles on. a single charge. However some hihg-end models can provide even longer ranges.

How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard?

Charging times vary depending on the battery capacity and charger used. Typically it takes around 1-4 hours to fully charge an electric skateboard. Higher capacity batteries may take longer to charger compared to smaller ones.

Are electric skateboards easy to learn?

Electric skateboards can be suitable for beginners, or any skill level! Electric skateboards can reach higher speeds, and learning to control acceleration and braking requires practice. It's advisable to start slowly and gradually increase speed as you become more comfortable.

 Are electric skateboards legal to ride?

The legality pf electric skateboards varies depending on the region and local regulations. In some places, electric skateboards are considered motorized vehicles and may be subject to certain restrictions or require licenses while in other areas they are treated as regular skateboards or bikes. It's essential to check your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance. 

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Most electric skateboards are not designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, so riding them in wet conditions, including rain or through puddles, can damage the electrical componeents. It's generally advised to avoid riding in wet conditions to rpevent accidents and equipment damage. 

How to maintain an electric skateboard?

To maintain an electric skateboard you should regularly inspect and tighten the bolts, clean the deck and grip tape, keep bearings clean and lubricated, and check the wheels for wear. Additionally, following the manufacturer's guidelines for battery maintenance and charging is crucial to ensure the longevity 

 Can you take an electric skateboard on a plane?

Click HERE to view the FAA guideline. It is also important to double check with your airline before bringing your board with you to make sure it passes TSA compliance. 

Where can i get my electric skateboard repairs?

You can get your electric skateboard fixed at One Stop Board Shop. We take mail ins and in person drop offs. You can schedule your appointment with our service center HERE.


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