Evolve Skateboards Unleashes the New Diablo Series

Evolve Skateboards Unleashes the New Diablo Series

Evolve Skateboards Unleashes the New Diablo Series

Evolve Skateboards, renowned for their high-performance electric skateboards, has just introduced their latest innovation: the Diablo Series. This new lineup includes three exceptional models - Diablo Carbon, Diablo Bamboo, and Diablo Renegade - each designed to cater to different riding styles and preferences.

Diablo Carbon: The Performance Powerhouse

The Diablo Carbon is engineered for riders seeking top-notch performance and stability. Featuring dual 6374 3500W motors, this model can reach a top speed of 31 mph and boasts an impressive range of up to 50 miles on street wheels. The Samsung 50S battery ensures extended ride times, while the new eFOC 2.0 motor controller provides superior torque and acceleration. The ergonomic design enhances rider comfort, and the Phaze remote, equipped with a full-color LCD display, offers precise control. Whether you're commuting or carving, the Diablo Carbon delivers an unparalleled riding experience. This model starts at $2,299, with financing options available.

Diablo Bamboo: The Carving Enthusiast's Dream

For those who love to carve, the Diablo Bamboo is the perfect choice. It combines the powerful dual 6374 3500W motors and Samsung 50S battery with the flexibility of a bamboo-fiberglass deck. The Super Carve 2 Trucks ensure smooth and responsive turns, making it ideal for riders who enjoy a dynamic, flowing ride. Like its Carbon counterpart, the Diablo Bamboo reaches speeds of up to 31 mph and offers a range of up to 50 miles. The Phaze remote and Evolve app provide enhanced control and real-time data tracking. Starting at $1,999, this model offers both performance and versatility, with financing options to suit various budgets.

Diablo Renegade: The Thrill-Seeker's Ultimate Ride

The Diablo Renegade is built for the adventurous rider who craves excitement. This model features a solid carbon fiber deck, new Renegade Forged Trucks, and bindings for added security during high-speed rides. The dual 6374 3500W motors and custom 50V 200A dual-motor driver deliver exhilarating power, allowing the Renegade to reach speeds of 31 mph. With a range of up to 31 miles, it's perfect for off-road and all-terrain adventures. The dual-trigger Phaze remote offers precise control, ensuring you can handle any challenge the terrain throws your way. Starting at $2,499, the Diablo Renegade is a premium choice for those looking to push their limits, with financing options available.


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