1Wheel Parts: Ignite Foam Grip Tape

1Wheel Parts: Ignite Foam Grip Tape

1Wheel Parts: Ignite Foam Grip Tape

Welcome to the world of extreme sports, where every ride is an exhilarating journey filled with adrenaline and excitement. Whether cruising through urban streets or tackling rugged terrains, one thing remains essential: comfort.

Comfort and Control:

Riders can envision gliding effortlessly through their favorite trails, feeling connected to their boards like never before. With Ignite Foam Grip Tape from 1Wheel Parts, this dream becomes a reality. Crafted with medical-grade orthopedic foam, the grip tape offers supreme cushioning that molds to the contours of riders' feet. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a ride that feels like floating on clouds.

But comfort is only part of the equation. To truly master their rides, riders need optimal control and stability. That's where Ignite Foam Grip Tape excels. Featuring an advanced textured surface, the grip tape enhances traction, allowing riders to maintain precise control over their boards in any situation. From sharp turns to sudden stops, Ignite Foam Grip Tape ensures riders stay firmly planted, no matter the terrain.

Grip Tape Patterns:

1Wheel Parts offers Ignite Foam Grip Tape in three different patterns to suit riders' preferences and style:

  1. Plain Grip: For riders who prefer a clean and minimalist look, Plain Grip Ignite Foam Grip Tape provides a sleek and simple design that focuses on functionality without sacrificing comfort.

  2. Hex Grip: Hex Grip Ignite Foam Grip Tape features a hexagonal pattern that not only enhances grip but also adds a touch of modern aesthetics to riders' boards. It's the perfect choice for those who want both style and performance.

  3. Retro Grip: Retro Grip Ignite Foam Grip Tape brings a nostalgic vibe to riders' setups with its retro-inspired pattern. Designed for those who appreciate a throwback aesthetic, Retro Grip Ignite Foam Grip Tape combines vintage flair with cutting-edge comfort and control.

Sensor Wraps:
Designed to complement 1Wheel Parts' Hexagon Grip tape, Sensor Wraps serve to showcase and protect both front and rear foot pad sensors. Perforated for easy installation, these wraps offer optional protection and aesthetic enhancement. Despite the high cost of the adhesive laminate, necessary for optimal adhesion to various footpad materials, these wraps are individually sold, not as a pair.

Enhanced Riding Experience:

At 1Wheel Parts, the team understands that the thrill of the ride is only amplified when riders are riding in comfort. That's why Ignite Foam Grip Tape is meticulously engineered to provide an unmatched riding experience. Whether riders are seasoned pros or casual enthusiasts, the grip tape transforms every adventure into a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Upgrade Your Grip Today:

Ready to experience the ultimate in riding comfort? Riders can explore the world of Ignite Foam Grip Tape from 1Wheel Parts and elevate their rides to new heights. Whether carving up the streets or conquering the trails, the grip tape ensures riders will ride in style and comfort every step of the way. Get yours now HERE.


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