Frequently asked onewheel questions

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It depends on your proficiency, and background in riding any type of board, as well as, how balanced you are naturally. Some people can pick it up in a couple of minutes, and others can take a few days or weeks to really get it down. We offer free demos to anyone who wants to try out a Onewheel, or want to learn. You can check out our demo hours here!

Onewheel GT ≈ 2.5 hours

Onewheel+ XR / Onewheel Pint ≈ 2 hours

Onewheel Pint X ≈ 2.75 hours

Onewheels are not waterproof. If you are interested in waterproofing your board, pick up a waterproofing kit, or bring it into our shop, and we can waterproof your board for you. Even after waterproofing your Onewheel, we still do not recommend riding through submerged environments. Schedule an appointment.

The only Onewheel model you are able to take on a plane is a Onewheel Pint. We do recommend double checking with your airline before going on your trip, because different airlines may have different battery designations.

The rule of thumb is to take 10% of your body weight. But, take into account your style of riding. If you are hitting the trails often, then you may want a slightly lower PSI, compared to if you are riding on pure street, which would have a slightly higher PSI. It really is about comfort, so test out what works best for you.

According to Onewheel:

Onewheel GT = 20 mph

Onewheel+ XR = 19 mph

Onewheel Pint X = 18 mph

Onewheel Pint = 16 mph

There isn't a hard set rule for when you should replace them. A good rule of thumb, is around 1000 miles. It really depends on your riding environment. We also recommend adding bearing seals to your board to prolong the lifespan of your bearings.

The stock tire that come with a brand new Onewheel will last around 1500 - 2000 miles. It will really depend on how hard you're riding, your riding style, etc. If you are looking for aftermarket tires to really elevate your riding experience, check out some of the aftermarket tires we hae here at the shop. Or, if you are not sure what tire to get for your Onewheel, check out our Youtube video on the different types of aftermarket tires, where we breakdown what the purpose and benefits are for each type.

Onewheel GT ≈ 30 miles

Onewheel+ XR ≈ 12-18 miles

Onewheel Pint ≈ 12-18 miles

Onewheel Pint ≈ 6-8 miles

Onewheel+ ≈ 5 - 7 miles

Onewheel V1 ≈ 5- 7 miles

It all depends on your riding style, the terrain, etc.

You can get your Onewheel fixed at One Shop Board Shop. We take in mail ins and in person drop offs. You can also schedule your appointment with our service center here.