What Is a Onewheel Growler

What Is a Onewheel Growler

What Is A Onewheel Growler

The Onewheel Growler stands as a testament to innovation within the Onewheel community, offering riders a compact and customizable alternative to the standard Onewheel XR. Developed with a focus on maneuverability and portability, the Growler caters to enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance and convenience.

Compact Size and Maneuverability

At its core, the Growler distinguishes itself with a shorter frame compared to the Onewhee+ XR, making it notably more agile and adept at navigating tight spaces and executing quick turns. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for urban riders or anyone traversing bustling environments where maneuverability is paramount.

Customization for Personalization

One of the defining features of the Growler is its customizability. Riders embrace this model as a canvas for personal expression, often outfitting it with aftermarket components like rail guards, footpads, and grip tape. These modifications not only tailor the board to individual preferences but also enhance control, comfort, and overall riding style.

Maintaining Performance Standards

Despite its reduced dimensions, the Growler maintains the robust performance capabilities synonymous with the Onewheel XR. It delivers comparable speed, range, and power, ensuring that riders do not compromise on performance while enjoying the benefits of a more compact board.

Enhanced Portability and Convenience

The Growler's diminished size and weight translate directly into enhanced portability. This makes it an ideal choice for commuters and everyday riders who require a board that can easily fit into cars, lockers, or accompany them on public transportation without hassle.

Community-Driven Innovation

What sets the Growler apart goes beyond its technical specifications. This model is a product of the vibrant Onewheel community, shaped by the insights and preferences of passionate riders. Choosing a Growler is not just about acquiring a board; it's a way for riders to engage with a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of customization and innovation.

Embracing a Unique Riding Experience

Riding a Growler offers more than just practical benefits—it provides a unique and distinctive riding experience. The shorter deck and modified design introduce a new dynamic to Onewheel adventures, appealing to riders seeking variety and challenge in their riding pursuits.

In conclusion, the Onewheel Growler represents more than a compact version of its predecessor; it embodies the spirit of creativity, community, and performance in the world of personal electric vehicles. Whether you're drawn to its agility, customizability, or community-driven origins, the Growler promises to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

How To Build a Growler:


To start your Growler conversion, you'll need to acquire specialty-sized rails for your Onewheel+ XR. There are several options available:

  1. Growler Varial Rails from The Float Life: Known for their durability and precision engineering.
  2. Growler Mustache Rails by The MOB Shop: Popular for their unique design and robust construction.
  3. Standard Growler Rails: Though harder to find, these can be purchased or sourced online and within the Onewheel community.

Each option offers a different set of features to suit your specific needs and style for your Growler conversion.


Now onto the tire. You might think you can use your Onewheel+ XR tire, but that is not the case. For a Growler, you'll need a Onewheel Pint tire, which fits better with the Growler rails. The hub of your Onewheel+ XR doesn’t need to be replaced—only the tire needs to be swapped to fit the new rails. There are many different tires available from TFL, Hoosier, Burris, etc. Choose the tire that best suits your riding needs.


Now that you have the rails and tire, you can start customizing your Growler to suit your preferences. Consider adding rail guards, aftermarket footpads, board protection, and other accessories to enhance your riding experience and personalize your board

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