The GTV Power Kit

The GTV Power Kit

The GTV Power Kit

If you’re a dedicated Onewheel GT rider looking to elevate your ride’s performance, the GTV Power Kit might be just what you need. Designed to significantly enhance the power, efficiency, and overall riding experience, this kit is an exciting upgrade for any PEV enthusiast. Let’s delve into what makes the GTV Power Kit a must-have for your Onewheel GT.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Boosted Power Output: The GTV Power Kit increases your GT's power from the stock 2800 watts to 4200 watts. If you opt for the MTE hub N52, the power can further rise to 5200 watts. This boost ensures you have the same torque as the GTS, with even higher total power output.

  2. Comprehensive Kit: The package includes a replacement ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), BMS (Battery Management System), front and rear lights, a status light bar, and all necessary installation tools (except pliers for removing the motor connector). The software is pre-tuned and IMU calibrated, making it a true plug-and-play upgrade.

  3. Enhanced Efficiency: The GTV Power Kit uses a more efficient power stage than the stock setup, resulting in less heat generation and maintaining range under aggressive riding conditions. This means you can ride harder without compromising on battery life.

  4. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, the GTV Power Kit can be set up in just 10 minutes. Even those without extensive technical knowledge can manage this upgrade, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

  5. Support for Aftermarket Components: The kit supports all kinds of aftermarket rails and does not require the ESC to pair with the BMS, fully embracing the right-to-repair ethos. This flexibility allows you to customize your ride further without limitations.

  6. Improved Safety and Performance: The GTV kit includes features like configurable haptic feedback, pushback, and advanced gradient tracking (ATR). The redesigned motor plug ensures a snug fit to prevent burnout issues, enhancing both performance and safety.

  7. Warranty and Support: The GTV Power Kit comes with a 180-day hassle-free warranty, covering free replacement of the ESC and BMS within the warranty period. However, shipping costs may apply for returns to the local warehouse.

Common Questions

Does the GTV Power Kit affect battery range?

  • The GTV kit enables more aggressive riding, but the change in cruising range is minimal. Thanks to the efficient power stage, the range remains largely unaffected under similar riding conditions.

Will it affect my battery life?

  • The GTV's power draw is within the safe limits of the GT's battery pack, ensuring longevity and reliability. The battery pack operates comfortably within its performance range most of the time.

Can I use my original light bars?

  • No, the kit includes its own light bars, which are necessary for the upgrade.

Can I use my GT’s stock BMS?

  • Yes, but some modifications are required. It’s recommended to use the BMS provided in the kit for the best performance.

Is the BMS smart? Can I monitor my cell level?

  • The BMS is a charge-only system with individual cell balancing indicators. It is not a smart BMS and does not allow cell-level monitoring.

The GTV Power Kit is an exceptional upgrade for Onewheel GT owners, providing increased power, enhanced efficiency, and a host of advanced features. With easy installation, comprehensive components, and strong support for right-to-repair, it’s a worthwhile investment for any rider looking to maximize their PEV’s potential.


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