Onewheel GT-S™ vs. Onewheel GT™

Onewheel GT-S™ vs. Onewheel GT™

Onewheel GT-S™ vs. Onewheel GT™

Hey rider! Considering the choice between the newly released Onewheel GT-S™ and the Onewheel GT™? You're in the right spot. To simplify things, it's a bit like choosing between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro – both have their perks, but not all may be essential for your level and style of use. Let's help you decide which Onewheel to grab this year.


Onewheel Racing has become incredibly popular. Did you know that ESPN 2 re-aired Onewheel's "Race For The Rail"? It was fantastic to witness Onewheel gaining nationwide recognition on a major sports broadcasting channel. 

For many years, the Onewheel GT was the standard for racing, but things are shifting with the introduction of the GT-S. Its faster top speed and increased torque make it the go-to choice for competitive racers aiming to compete in the big leagues. While the Onewheel GT is still suitable for racing, if you strive to be the best, the GT-S is often the preferred board.

Clydesdales (riders weighing 215 lbs and up) will particularly benefit from the additional torque boost provided by the Onewheel GT-S.

Winner: Onewheel GT-S


To put it simply, the Onewheel GT-S comes ready with higher torque, and higher speed, when compared to its Onewheel GT counterpart. With faster speeds and output, it will quickly drain your battery, if you are constantly pushing top speeds. The range of the GT-S is 16-25 miles, whereas the GT has a range of 20-32 miles.If you are looking to just cruise around all day, not hitting top speeds often, or just want to hang on group rides without range anxiety, then the Onewheel GT will give you that longer ride time, on average.

Winner: Onewheel GT


Elevate your Onewheel experience with personalized touches—a rider's ultimate joy. Tailor your board to your liking, making it uniquely yours. The accessories crafted for the Onewheel GT seamlessly complement the latest GT-S model, offering boundless possibilities to perfect your ride. Whether it's rails, sidekicks, or aftermarket tires, the options for personalization are limitless, allowing you to truly enjoy the journey!

Winner: Tie





Top Speed 25 mph 20 mph
Range 16-25 mi 20-32 mi
Voltage  113v 75v
Weight 33 lbs 35 lbs
Motor  S-Series Hypercore™ Hypercore™
Footpads Lowboy Concave
Tire Type Performance Treaded Standard Treaded (Optional)
Max Rider Weight 275 lbs 275 lbs
Maghandle Pro  Yes Yes
Highbeam Lighting Yes Yes
Lightbar Yes Yes
Digital Shaping 5+ Custom 5+ Custom
Charge Time

150 min*

(80 min* wit optional S-Series Hypercharger)

200 min*

(90 min* wit optional GT Hypercharger)

Final Price $3,200 $2,300

While both Onewheel models showcase distinct strengths and weaknesses, each stands as a fantastic board in its own right. Once you've identified your preferred riding style and chosen the board that aligns with your needs, seize the moment, pull the trigger, and embark on the thrilling journey with your new Onewheel!



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