Onewheel Color Schemes

Onewheel Color Schemes

Onewheel Color Schemes

Congratulations on your new Onewheel! As you embark on your Onewheel journey, choosing the perfect color scheme is an exciting part of personalizing your ride. Let us provide you with some inspiring color scheme ideas to help you make a statement while cruising the streets or exploring off-road trails. Get ready to discover some awesome color combinations for your Onewheel!

The OSBS Colorway

This OSBS iconic color combination exudes a sense of toughness, intensity, and unrivaled coolness. The fiery red ignites a passionate spirit, representing the adrenaline-fueled energy that fuels board enthusiasts. The timeless white adds a touch of purity and elegance, contrasting perfectly with the boldness of the red and black. Finally, the deep black hue evokes a sense of mystery and power, embodying the edginess and allure of the PEV culture. Together, these colors form a visually captivating palette that captures the essence of One Stop Board Shop's unmatched style and passion for the world of PEV.

Cotton Candy

When we talk about cotton candy colors, we're referring to the captivating hues that instantly transport you to a world of sugary treats and whimsical delights. The famous Tiffany Blue and Pink from the Float Life perfectly embody these enchanting shades. The Tiffany Blue, a delicate and elegant cyan reminiscent of a clear summer sky, evokes sophistication and luxury, while the Pink radiates vibrancy, playfulness, and the carefree joy of cotton candy. Together, these colors create a harmonious duo, blending refinement with a touch of whimsy, evoking emotions and inviting us to indulge in the sweet enchantment of a cotton candy dreamscape.

Spooky Vibes

If you're seeking to stand out and emanate a spookier vibe, embrace the mesmerizing combination of Orange, Black, and Purple, reminiscent of a haunting night. These colors hold the power to set an eerie and mystical atmosphere. The vibrant orange evokes the flickering flames of jack-o'-lanterns, adding a touch of warmth and mystery to the darkness. The deep black embodies the enigmatic shadows that dance in the moonlight, symbolizing the unknown and the supernatural. Lastly, the enchanting purple casts an otherworldly spell, conjuring images of mystical creatures and haunted tales. Together, this bewitching trio creates an alluring palette that captures the essence of a haunted night, perfect for those who dare to embrace the unconventional and embrace the magic of the spectral realm.

R.O.Y.G.B.I.V - Single Color

Looking for a minimalist approach? Opt for a monochromatic scheme to adorn your board. Whether you go for the sleekness of all-black or the boldness of all-red, simplicity becomes the guiding principle. However, don't mistake simplicity for insignificance. The chosen color becomes a representation of your personal preference, infusing the board with a touch of your individuality. Ultimately, the love and connection you feel towards your Onewheel is what truly matters, as it becomes a reflection of your passion and an extension of your unique style.


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