Green Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant

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Made in the USA and bottled at the Armor-Dilloz headquarters in Miami, Florida!

Developed for higher speed applications, using the same military technology, this is the product to use when performance counts!

The green formula is slightly thinner, and designed for EUCs, e-bikes, and anything that goes up to 50 MPH.

  • Rapidly seals large punctures
  • Rapidly seals slow leaks (leaks due to the tire’s natural porosity, around the valve stem, etc.)
  • Single treatment lasts the life of the tire
  • Does not separate into a watery mess
  • Water washable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Tires can still be repaired
  • Freeze protected
  • Does not react with or damage tires
  • Does not react with or damage steel or aluminum wheels
  • Seals ~90% of punctures in the tread area of most tires
  • Seals ~70% of tread area punctures on tires with inner tubes
  • Even seals sidewall punctures