1Protect Full Finger Gloves

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Why 1Protect Full Finger safety riding gloves?

  • Hand protection for E-skate, Onewheel™, Skateboarding, and Electric Unicycle riders
  • Perfect gloves for off-roading, trail riding, racing, or when you need a little more protection
  • Comfortable full finger protection
  • Ability to use your phone or remote with gloves on
  • Enhanced beefy dual knuckle protection
  • Ability to use your hands while still protecting them
  • 1 set of removable hard palm pucks
  • 1 set of removable soft palm pucks

Made specifically to protect E-skate, Onewheel™, EUC and LDP longboard riders.

Designed especially to be able to hold electric skateboarding controls and similar devices without interference while riding.