Onewheel Varial Rail System - Hot Swappable Center Steez - Onewheel+ XR Compatible
Onewheel Varial Rail System - Hot Swappable Center Steez - Onewheel+ XR Compatible

Onewheel Varial Rail System - Hot Swappable Center Steez - Onewheel+ XR Compatible


Onewheel+ XR / Onewheel+ / Onewheel V1

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To guarantee compatibility:
If you own a Onewheel V1, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR this is the model for you.

Or check out our selection of accessories for Onewheel+ XR HERE 

Onewheel Varial Rail System:

Upgrade your Onewheel with the revolutionary Varial Rail System! This customizable rail system features hot-swappable Center Steez, allowing you to switch up your board's rail profile in just two minutes. Say goodbye to expensive rail replacements and dedicating an entire board to a specific build. With Varial, you can have infinite possibilities for modifying your board's rail profile, so you can tailor it to your style of riding.

Center Steez Options:

  • Standard: Keep it stock with the standard length and straight rail shape that comes default on all Onewheels™.
  • Lift/Lower: Fine-tune your board for different terrains with a mellow 1/4" lift or drop. Flip the Lift/Lower Center Steez upside down for a quick changeover.
  • WTF: Replicate the popular WTF Homebrew Rails for your favorite riders' favorite rails.
  • FAF: Built specifically for racing, with a mellow dropped pitch in the front for a slight nose down version of Mission and a heavy tail kick for massive tail clearance without sacrificing stability.

The Onewheel Varial Rail System is designed for Onewheel sized tires and can accommodate Onewheel sized boards. With this modular system, you can build your dream board without spending thousands of dollars on a new set of rails or modifying an entire board. Whether you're a trail ripper or a curb stunt master, the Varials Rail System has got you covered.

The future is modular with Varial Rail System for Onewheel™.


Say hello to the OSBS Rail Armor, the ultimate protection for your rails, made from premium durable and flexible TPU material with high quality laser cut 3M adhesive, Rail Armor is designed to provide maximum protection from wear and tear through everyday use, while also enhancing the overall look of your board. We've designed these from the ground up for the best fit, customized look, and impact protection. Increase the longevity of your rails or sidekicks, and don't let scratches and dings ruin your ride – protect your board with OSBS Rail Armor today!


  • Onewheel+ XR 
  • Onewheel+ 
  • Onewheel V1

This package includes:

1 - Onewheel Varial Rail System
1 - One Stop Board Shop Sticker Pack

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