Onewheel+ XR™ Stunt Pack CBSP Upgrade
Onewheel+ XR™ Stunt Pack CBSP Upgrade
Onewheel+ XR™ Stunt Pack CBSP Upgrade
Onewheel+ XR™ Stunt Pack CBSP Upgrade

Onewheel+ XR™ Stunt Pack CBSP Upgrade

This is a sport battery upgrade for your Onewheel XR.

Shred harder with the CB-Stunt Pack! This battery mod will allow you to accelerate faster, and hold off sag until the real end of charge! Perfect for sport riders, this pack will reduce weight, increase acceleration and keep you shredding! Experience your Onewheel be nimble and responsive like never before.

Endorsed by Bodhi Harrison and The Float Life!

Technical Specs:

  • Known working on ALL hardware version of the Onewheel+ XR.
  • The CBSP is the lightest and most balanced battery for the Onewheel XR on the market
  • Highest quality, brand new, unused cells
  • Cells are UN 38.3 Tested SAFE and have been used in similar applications for years!
  • 230 WH of REAL usable capacity
  • 45 amps of continuous discharge. The continuous discharge rating is key, it is what allows the full capacity of 230wh to be realized!
  • 54v nominal, 63v fully charged
  • Professionally manufactured with industrial level equipment and assembled by battery builders who have built thousands of batteries without failure.
  • Pure nickel strip construction, insulated positive cell terminals, multiple layers of insulation including, heat resistant Kapton tape, abrasion resistant fish paper, fire retardant structural fiber tape and wear resistant PVC wrapping. This battery is wrapped in shock absorbing foam to protect itself from any sort of impacts.


  • 8-10 mile range
  • Amazing shock protection. Take this pack on any jumps you want, it can handle whatever you can throw at it!
  • Much better torque than stock!

The Stock charger will recharge the CBSP in about 1 hour and a half

The Onewheel+ XR™ Fast Charger (6 amp) will recharge the CBSP in about 45 minutes


  • No modification needed at all!
  • More foam than stock included, for shock absorption!
  • Large drops, rough riding and impacts are not a problem for the CBSP, the CBSP is more compact than any other battery upgrade available which leaves plenty of room for shock absorbing foam.
  • Swap back to your stock battery at any point in time!
  • This battery can work with previously installed battery mods! (although, it is a bit more difficult)


Battery removal Guide

All you need to do for the install is seat the Stunt Pack at the rear of your housing towards the wheel. You do not need to modify your housing in any way.When unplugging your stock battery, unplug the balance connecter first (26 wire cable) and then unplug the XT60 (yellow connector) When putting in your CBSP, plug the XT60 in first and then the balance connector after (26 wire cable) [the reverse order]. Please see our CBXR or CBXR Mini installation video if you are confused about plug order. You can also email us at support@chibatterysystems.com

BE SURE TO CHARGE TO 100% when you receive your battery before riding!

Using ANY Fast charger on your Onewheel WILL degrade your battery quicker

ChiBatterySystems tests all of their batteries thoroughly before shipping to prevent any DOA's or issues. ChiBatterySystems tests all batteries on custom made test machines as well as in a Onewheel.

*This is a genuine ChiBatterySystem product. Use of the name Onewheel is for purposes of identifying the application of this product and does not indicate any affiliation, endorsements, license or other association with Onewheel.

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