Your One Stop Shop for Electric Skateboard Repairs

Your One Stop Shop for Electric Skateboard Repairs

Trust One Stop Board Shop for Your Electric Skateboard Repairs & Service Needs

At One Stop Board Shop (OSBS), our goal is to keep you riding for as long and as safely as possible. That's why it's crucial to regularly maintain and service your ride to ensure its longevity.

Check out our multitude of electric skateboard repairs and services, guaranteed to meet your e-skate needs.

Our Services & Repairs

Tire Change & Motor Services

Ensuring that your board’s tires and motor components are up to date is necessary for having a smooth and safe ride. At OSBS, we offer tire changes, Armor-Dilloz sealant, Angled Valve Stem installation, and Bearing Replacement on all Onewheel™ models. Visit our website for a full breakdown of our pricing.

Waterproofing Services

After investing in your Onewheel™, the last thing you want to happen is for a rainstorm to ruin your ride. Keep from wrecking your board with protective waterproofing services. We offer waterproofing kits and a range of bearing seals to choose from as well as installation services.


Keep your board decked out with our different customized accessories for your build. Our offerings include installing and replacing tires, rail guards, float plates, FlightFins, Fangs, handles, fenders, and more.

Footpads Installation & Replacement

Been riding hard and in need of new footpad? A fresh set of footpads will keep your board looking and riding its best! At OSBS, we offer the installation of concave rear pads as well as grip tape and ProRide pad replacements.

E-Skate Maintenance

At OSBS, we carefully maintain and service your board to ensure the longevity of your ride. Stop by our store and check out our wide array of belts, bushings, wheels, gears, bearings, grip tape, and more. These are fundamental aspects of your board and should be regularly monitored and changed after some serious riding time.

Repair and Replacement Services

Additional repair and replacement services include diagnostics, controller headlight cable replacement, stripped thread repair, CBXR and Quart installations, and other potential issues that may occur.

Ready to Book?

Our top priority at One Stop Board Shop is to provide our riders with high-quality electric skateboard equipment, accessories, gear, and more. Check out or service appointment schedule to book your appointment today and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any e-skating service or repair needs. Contact us online, start a live chat, call +1 (908) 333-2820, or email Stay riding!