Onewheel Stand for Vehicle Trunk

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Tired of having your OneWheel slide around in your trunk? This minimalist stand secures your OneWheel by holding onto the motor hub & rail. The whole setup stays locked down in your trunk with industrial-grade velcro. And best of all, the stand takes up virtually no room when not in use, and can easily be removed. This stand is compatible with every version of the OneWheel (V1, Plus, XR, Pint), and similar one-wheel types boards. It's also fully compatible with all rail protectors (like the Float Sidekicks) and all fenders.

  • *DESIGNED IN USA* - Designed in California by a true Onewheel enthusiast. Created with high-strength impact-resistant injection molding
  • *NONSLIP DESIGN* - Industrial-strength velcro secures the base of this stand to any surface. Extra velcro is also included for attaching to slick/smooth surfaces (like truck beds).
  • *ACCESSORY COMPATIBILITY* - Compatible with all OneWheel accessories (sidekicks, concave footpads, rail protectors, fenders, float/grind plates, etc...)
  • Onewheel is for illustrative purposes and is not included.