Stainless Steel Wear Plate

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JK Floating
Onewheel+ XR™

Don't ride very hard and can't justify spending the extra money? This Stainless Steel Wear Plate is designed for the mild riders who are tired of wearing down the rear bumpers just by stopping. Place this wear plate over JK Floating plates or directly on the XR Bumper to help protect your Onewheel XR. Instead of spending more $$$ on another set of plates, spend 1/4 of the price and keep on floating! Designed for rear bumper application but can also be mounted on the front bumper however it will block carrying grip.

JK Floating Stainless Steel Wear Plate Installed on Onewheel

JK Floating Stainless Steel Wear Plate Measurement


(1) Stainless Steel Wear Plate

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