OSBS x Electric Stoke Collab Pocket Rock

Electric Stoke
$30.00 - $60.00
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The Octagon - Flat top and steep angles for a massive pop.

The Bump - Flat top with curved sides for serious height.

The Power Button - Large rock with sloped edges, great for distance or downhill bonks.

The Gem - Similar design and bonk as the Fez but with squared edges and top. Height: 4 different heights ranging from 1.75 - 2.75. Top: 2.5" diameter

The Volcano - Flat top with curved sides for serious height. Height: 3.5"

The Cupcake - Great rock for beginners to learn to de-weight and climb small curbs.  Height: 2"

The Hump - Square shaped with rounded bonk edge for huge distance. Height: Top heights vary between 1.75" & 2.75" on various sides. Top Width: 3"

The Soap Bar - Ugly but fun. Squared off edge that simulates a low or small curb bonk which translates well to real world use. Height: 2"

The Stoke Crystal - This crystal brings some serious stoke. Watch it bounce after a bonk, then hit it again for endless fun.


Height and color may vary slightly.

*** All Rocks are hand-poured. Height, color, clarity, and angle of top may vary on a per rock level. Please note that rocks will darken with exposure to UV light. Keep indoors when not in use to prolong colors.