Contour™ Fender

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Onewheel+ XR™, Onewheel+™, Onewheel™ V1

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The results are in...and the Contour™ has taken the #1 top spot in the fender shootout, among 9 fenders in Shredd Lab's review.

After months of development and testing, we're proud to bring you the ultimate full-size Onewheel™ fender! Made from a super-tough Nylon called Dupont Zytel®, this fender is unlike any other on the market. It's tough but also flexible, and this provides the perfect blend of both worlds. This fender is compatible with the Onewheel V1, +, and +XR.

Rigid fenders like Carbon Fiber or the Onewheel plastic fender are great up until they have a large impact at high speed - then they can crack, sometimes catastrophically. Cracks and scratches will soon make any carbon fender look terrible. Carbon fiber is great for cool stylistic enhancements in areas that won't get hit a lot or scratched up often. The fender location is not one of them!

The Contour™ fender has some flex from the Nylon that prevents it from breaking. It's 4mm thick (other fenders are 2mm thick) and has an amazing feel. Once you pick up the Contour™ and feel the quality, you won't be able to go back to regular plastic or carbon fenders.

Each fender includes 4 stainless steel, black-oxide coated screws and the necessary allen-key for installation. These screws will not rust, and offer a flush-fit installation.

The Contour™ fender has a 1-year, manufacturer's full-replacement-guarantee against breaks. If it breaks from normal use, you get a brand new one (you pay the shipping fee). It's that simple.

What about magnetic-mounts?

We decided against magnetic mounts, in favor of thumb screws in stainless steel or brass (gold color). With these screws, you have tool-less install and removal in less than 30 seconds.

You can use your own just need #10-32, 3/4” ones.

What tires will fit with the Contour™?

Generally any tire that you can fit on the stock Onewheel will work with the Contour™ fender. The arch of the fender on the inside surface is wider than the stock footpads and battery / controller box, so if the tire fits on your Onewheel, the Contour™ will also fit without issue.