Darkside Front Grip Pad

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Onewheel+ XR™, Onewheel+™

Footpad required

ProRide has designed and created the ultimate Onewheel concave grip pads for the extreme rider that prefers grip tape. For riders that require extreme traction, they've crossed over to the darkside and combined the best of both worlds, their low profile one-piece contour shaped concave foam base with their specially blended 30/60 grip tape. This front pad helps provide maximum control while the soft foam concave base comfortably saddles your feet, creating side-to-side concave.


Trail tested, pavement proven and designed to work with the factory surestance foot pads, allowing you to take your board to the next level without sacrificing performance. Enhance your XR today and step over to the darkside for the ultimate riding experience!


  • Features:

    • Lightweight Foam
    • Contour Shape Concave Base
    • Special 30/60 Grit Grip Tape (replaceable)
    • 3M High Grade Adhesive
    • Soft Comfortable Ride
  • Included:

    • Front Concave Grip Pad
    • Installation and Removal Instructions
    • ProRide Stickers