OSBS CarbonShield Front Bumper for Pint

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Onewheel Pint™

Enhance your Onewheel experience with our OSBS custom CarbonShield, the world's first carbon fiber bumper for your Onewheel™ Pint!  The CarbonShield is 3D printed using ultra high-strength Fused Filament Carbon Fiber reinforced nylon which makes them very light weight and very strong.

  • Installation is quick and simple and uses your existing hardware. 
  • Replaces your original front bumper with a protective wheeled bumper.
  • The wheels have a hard polypropylene core for added strength with a polyurethane tread that combines the abrasion resistance of plastic with the shock-absorbing qualities of rubber. 
  • Standard 608-2RS Skateboard bearings are custom fit into every wheel. 
  • Front Handle design allows you to pick up your board like the original Onewheels. 
  • Protect your front footpad from harsh impacts with the integrated edge protection. 
  • CarbonShield also includes a mirrored platform to enhance your boards headlight profile and output.

Note: Adding wheels to the front of your board can assist with saving low speed nosedives and climbing steep hills on some surfaces.