Onewheel™ Service & Repairs

This pricing is for labor only unless otherwise specified within the service description. Parts and applicable taxes are not included.

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Tires / Motor
Plus/XR Tire Change $60
Pint Tire Change $75
Armor-Dilloz (Install Only, Sealant is $25) $10 (Install Free with Tire Change)
Angled Valve Stem Install $20 (with Tire Change)
Bearing Replacement $150
Waterproofing Kit Install (24 hour minimum) $200
Plus/XR Bearing Seal (Black) $27
Pint Bearing Seal (Black) $27
Bearing Seal Install (with a Bearing Replacement) $50
Bearing Seal Install $75
Bumper Install/Replacement $30
Rail Guard Install $10 ($15 if Removal of Old Set is Required, Fee Subject to Variation Based on Previous Rail Guard Adhesion Removal)
Float Plate Install/Replacement $20
Flight Fins Install $15 ($20 if adding extenders)
FlightFins Extender Install (adding to existing FF system) $30
Fangs Install/Replacement $15
XR Maghandle Mount Install/Replacement $10
Fender Install/Replacement $10
Sensor Pad Install/Replacement $25
Rear Pad Install/Replacement $20
Sensor Pad Grip Tape Replacement $40
Rear Pad Grip Tape Replacement $25
Repair / Replacement
Controller/Battery Assembly Install/Replacement $60
Motor Install/Replacement $50
Rail Install/Replacement $60
Controller Headlight Cable Replacement $100
Stripped Thread Repair (Includes Insert) $35
Stock Battery Pack Replacement* $100
CBXR/Quart Install* $150
Standard Base Diagnostic Fee $100

Services provided may void all or part of your warranty.

*Battery installations for OEM and ChiBatterySystems only.

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