Performance Bushings
Performance Bushings
Performance Bushings
Performance Bushings
Performance Bushings
Performance Bushings

Performance Bushings


Evolve Hadean / GTR S1 / GTR S2 / Stoke S1 / Stoke S2

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Bushings are another great way to add personal flare to your board, and also serve a big purpose for dialling in your ultimate ride feeling. Just like wheels, bushings are made of urethane. They have a huge impact on how your board feels to ride as well as the overall performance of the turn/carve.

The Evolve High Performance Bushings Kit gives you everything you need to be able to dial in your perfect ride feeling. Also made in the USA from the highest quality urethane formula, there are 5 different hardnesses ranging from 87a to 98a. Also added to the bushing kit is a full set of skate brand Riptide Pivot Cups. These Pivot cups are insane! They are made from Riptide's exclusive internally lubricated WFB urethane formula which results in a lively yet responsive ride and as they are self lubricated they are ninja quiet! The kit will allow for different options in the way the board will turn and carve, whether you are looking for a super carvy feeling at slower speeds or maximum stability for top end speed, this kit is ideal for those wanting to dial in their perfect ride or just to get the look you desire!

Included in the Bushing Kit is:

  • 1 x White 87a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Purple 90a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Yellow 92a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Blue 95a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 1 x Orange 98a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)
  • 4 x Riptide WFB Pivot Cups
  • 4 x King Pin Nuts
  • 4 x Bushing washers (Barrels and Cones)

In each of our double kingpin trucks there are 4 sets of bushings consisting of a top cone and barrel (so 8 sets per board).

Just need one set? Each standard set of Evolve Bushings comes With TWO 16.5mm Barrels & TWO 12mm cones, and TWO pivot cups designed to work perfectly with your Evolve Supercarve Trucks. Choose from five options:

  • 87a White
  • 90a Purple
  • 92a Yellow
  • 95a Light Blue
  • 98a Orange

Note: For a COMPLETE set for your double kingpin trucks, please order TWO SETS of bushings.


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